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Cartouche not loading maps

Post by JorjGaidin
I've been unable to load maps for the past 2 weeks... I've tried on a number of different systems and just can't figure this one out. I just get a blinking "loading"... Have any ideas?
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Post by AchterHetStuur
I'm currently experiencing something alike at the world-server.

None of the "streets" are drawn. See screenshot. This happens in IE, Firefox and Chrome. Other streettypes are drawn. And also one-way and "no access" are drawn (without a street).

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Post by fpancheri
Same problem here in Brazil. Until yesterday, everything was alright. But now I can't see aerial images anymore. I try Internet Explorer 8.0, Firefox, Chrome... even Opera. Nothing works.
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Post by FrisbeeDog
I can't see aerial maps or any roads (and yes I do have both layers selected) on the US server.
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Post by garbatix
Same problem in Poland, since yesterday. :( Tried on Linux and Windows. Both with Firefox. Next aerial doesn't work.

EDIT: It also doesn't work on Chrome. I get only info on URL of one of pics that doesn't load: ... 0011D9.JPG
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Post by lasitus
Aerial images are showing up for me, for the most part, but a row in the middle of something I want to fix is just white with an error text, like it can't find the file.
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Post by RallyChris
First off, what browser are you using? If IE, due to Microsofts ongoing battle to define the internet, it doesn't play well. Recommend using an alternative.

Are you logging into or Based on your sig, should be www

What layers do you have turned on? Some layers take up to a long while to load. Start off small, and just choose roads.

Try going to cartouch through live map, then the update link. If you are going to it via your routes on the dashboard, they might be taking a while to load.
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Post by shoogy
I am having a similar problem in LA. Maps load in white. when I cycle through "try next aerial photo" option, I can see them refresh to white or show the missing message. This happens on several different computers on Linux and Mac, on both firefox and chrome.

This started the middle of last week sometime. Anyone else having issues?

UPDATE : As of Aug 24th 10am PST it started working for me
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Post by support

first of all go to: "View Panel" -> "Try the next aerial photo option"
You need to do it a few times and wait 20 seconds after each time you press the option.

If you don't get the aerial photo, send us Permalink of the aerial.

Waze Team
Waze Team
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Post by unwallflower
This happened to me earlier today. I just went back to the live map, typed in my city again, clicked on it, let it load, and then clicked "update map" again. The maps loaded after that.
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