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Re: Apartments

Postby westondunn » Sun Oct 03, 2010 8:08 pm

This is an awesome idea. I've been looking into how I could do that around my area. Hopefully the waze team gives you some feedback on how we should do this.
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Postby briandb1222 » Wed Sep 15, 2010 5:17 am

OK, while delivering today, an idea occurred to me...fixing those hard-to-find apartments! I know that the buildings off the main drive ways are easier to find, if you plug in the building address (not the complex address...two completely different things). However, there are those apartment complexes that sometimes have buildings in the middle, like not directly off the road, and require walking to get to them. And then, as a delivery driver, I know that these type of apartments can be hard (and so can complexes with multiple phases).

Those from my area, and know or live in Silverbrook Apartments, will know what I'm talking about...or Clayton Point THOSE are some tough apartment to those unfamiliar with the area, or those who just don't live there. I've been delivering for a year now. I've gotten most of our apartments figured out now, except for Clayton Point because we don't deliver there often to begin with. MY idea is, is to create a POI for each building, and in the description box, place in the numbers, in different columns depending on how the apartment building is set up. The far left column for the apartments on the left side of the building, far right for the right side of the building. Of course you'd mark them...Left Side | Right Side. For example. Of course you may have more than one column, but, that's just the idea.

POI area would be the building only and not any surrounding structures close by, so that it would be as accurate as possible. Now, this would solve the 'Where the H is that apartment at?' question.

Of course, some apartments are set up differently than others. Some have an address for each building. Some have only one address for the whole complex, and the buildings are 1, 2, 3, etc. But it still be the same. The POI would be named based on how the apartment complex numbers their apartments. I was thinking we could name the buildings with a prefix, the # sign, and then the number, so Clayton Point could be like...CP #2 which would be for Clayton Point Building Number 2...or Svlbrk #1234 for Silverbrook Building 1234...1234 being an address. Now not only do you have an awesome driving GPS, but one for walking too! Ok, well...sorta.

What do y'all think? I could test it out with my area and post some pictures to give a better idea as well. The only problem would be, being that you are technically not able to add POI from the phone, you'd have to print a map of the complex out, drive to it, and label them properly on the print-out as you drive by them and walk through about great exercise!
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