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Post by leocylau
It has actually a lot of improvement but also has bad side.
It autometically switches off many times when it goes to scoreboard.
Mine is Nokia 5800XM.
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Post by libora
Problem with Group screen on My E71 is still live :( Screen is still blank
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Post by Maio72
I installed the latest version but every time that I click on groups the app crash.
I installed it on Samsung i8910 - Symbian Touchscreen



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Post by thelocaluk
Installed on my 5800 and all works except the Groups which do nothing as it says the phone unsupported for this feature.

For those with problems with the app closing automatically it is because the phone doesn't have enough RAM to run the app. I use Jbak Taskman to ensure all background apps are closed so I have around 30mb of free RAM which is what Waze requires to run without problems.
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Post by waynemcdougall
Quick hijack for all you Symbian Waze app 2.0 early adopters.

I'm trying for a comprehensive list of all the features in (or if you prefer, not in) the Symbian 2.0 release. Please see for more details.
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Post by zCougar
Now when scoreboard works also from web interface I don't use it from phone any more.

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