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Re: Housenumbers

Postby sirKitKat » Tue May 14, 2013 1:06 pm

annickdw wrote:staat op een rare plaats : de uitzonderingen op naamgeving staan onder de 'huisnummers'-paragraaf... en de pagina gaat over 'naamgeving' - verwarrend, de 'uitzonderingen'-paragraaf zijn uitzonderingen op naamgeving, niet op huisnummering

I placed it somewhere on the page so I don't forget it when I merge French and Dutch together like the other pages. I improved the location of House numbers.
(This image represents the update cycle of the INTL map tiles. Time line marked in days (CET), the dotted square is an estimation of the next update, based on previous ones. The image is hosted on a free server witch is sometimes not available.)
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Re: Housenumbers

Postby steveningelbrecht » Tue May 14, 2013 12:47 pm

What is the function you don't have as an level 1?! The 'force' button?!

The WME house numbering is based on an even/uneven house numbering, so the error you get has to do with the even numbers being on both sides of the road.
The same as with adding letters to the housenumbers...

Anyhow, you shouldn't be adding house numbers via WME, since the app doesn't use this function yet in the search, and also, we are looking to mass import this kind of data from an external source.
It's not clear what the status of this proces is, but it's in the phase where we gave information to Waze where they can buy this data concerning Flanders and French speaking Belgium...
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