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New website

Postby shirlig » Sun Oct 06, 2013 2:10 pm

hi guys!

We're happy to announce that we have released today a beautiful new website!

What's new?
  • A whole new infrastructure and new design
  • One URL for all environments ( No more / etc.
  • In the livemap - you can move from one server to another by just dragging the map to a different area (for example - try to drag the map from the US to Europe) .
  • In the editor there's a toggle in the upper right corner of the map to move from one environment to another (there's no automatic redirection like in the livemap)
  • Multi languages support
  • The old (inactive) "Community" page has bee removed. - We have plans to add something new, much nicer instead in the future.
  • New livemap design with clustering of reports and wazers on the map
  • Navigation list in the livemap!
  • Future routes (up to 24 hours ahead) in the livemap
Known issues
(Some of these issues are not new and not directly related to the new website)
  • [Livemap] Missing tiles (empty squares)
  • [Livemap] In some areas there are display issue in different zoom levels for example:
    Iceland is not visible from zoom level 10 and + (zoom in)
  • [Livemap] Issue related to water tiles, i.e islands appearing "in the sea" in different zoom levels or in all zoom levels.
  • [Livemap]Sometimes small landmarks' name appear in high zoom levels (zoom out)
  • [Localization]Some items are not translatable. For example the "About us" screen. and in the livempap the string "Reported by".
  • [Localization]In RTL languages, the Support page is not properly displayed


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