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MyTopicMoved to Mass Thread. Issue probably mine NOT Waze!

Postby YoshackFyre » Fri Jul 29, 2016 12:07 pm

MODERATOR PLEASE DO NOT BAN ME OR DELETE THIS THREAD. (At least not YET) I feel this issue could be a simple fix I'm not seeing. Waze no longer supports Windows 10 (for now) but the app that exists for it probably functions decently well. My not getting sound or voice navigation more likely lay within my Nokia Lumia Icon 929 or Windows 10 or possibly how my car interprets my phone via Bluetooth. Please let this topic exist long enough to maybe get a few suggestions before moving it into a mass thread of Windows related issues where it will be buried. I will search that Windows thread for my problem also and see if anyone else has the same issue or hopefully a solution!

My problem with Waze on my Windows phone was moved to the topic at the below link. My topic is on page 57. I will also post my original request for help below the link. A forum moderator may still move this to the mass Windows thread too though. Waze would not have my issue in a release of there product. This has to be something I can fix. I'm sure there are other issues, but this one has to be simple. I'm going to see if I can post a thread/poll requesting Waze to reconsider Windows 10 support. Let's all show them that we love them! ... 88#p613313

Need Help With Waze Voice Navigation on Windows Lumia Icon

Postby YoshackFyre » Fri Jul 29, 2016 1:24 am

GAH! I had this issue as a topic on the WAZE app board, and the moderator just took it and lumped it in with this mass "WINDOWS OP NOT SUPPORTED" thread!!! I still need help. I refuse to believe that the version of Waze on my phone is so broken that voice navigation doesn't work. My Nokia is older, obviously, but I know the issue is with Windows 10 and I've missed something. I'm not 100% positive that this is a problem that Waze needs to fix. Please PM me with suggestions. I'll never see a response to my question in this long crazy thread. Thank you. I can be emailed at I hope posting an email address is allowed and that I don't receive massive new spam from posting it. Thanks! My original post is now directly below!

Possibly over-detailed story follows, but may contain an idea to the solution to my issue. A condensed "Problem In a Nutshell" is the second to last paragraph if you don't want to read all the details and might have a helpful idea for me without all the drama. It may spark an idea to a solution though. THANK YOU!

I have a Windows/Nokia Lumia Icon 929, on the Verizon network. It ran Windows 8.1 and I used the Nokia HERE Drive GPS. It was wonderful. I became an Uber driver, there was no Uber driver app for a Windows phone so instead of upgrading my phone (I love my Nokia and like Windows, I will never give it up!) I bought a second phone with a second line, a Samsung Galaxy 5, Android baby. When I Ubered I just used Google Maps, but I had many passengers telling me about this "Waze" thing. I had never heard of Waze. They all said they love it and it was better. I did try it on that phone, but I had a couple issues using it with the Uber app and went back to Google Maps. Probably a learning curve, and I will make another post with my questions on that so I can maybe try Waze again, but back to my Windows Phone.....

So I made the mistake of "upgrading" my Nokia from Windows 8.1 to 10. All because when it was released it caused an issue that make it impossible for any apps to update. I was told there were updates, but I couldn't get anything to update, like my Uber passenger app or Star Wars Commander. After updating to Windows 10, my phone would NOT charge. After trying many things I found I needed to do a phone update and update Windows 10 further. I needed at least 40% battery to install it, I only had frustrated. I had to download a rollback program to my laptop, rollback to Windows 8.1, charge my phone to 100% and do it all over again. Pain in the neck, but apps updated and I could play my game. It looked a little different but overall it seemed okay, that is until I went to use GPS for the first time.

Nokia's HERE Drive and Maps were discontinued by Windows and replaced with Windows Maps. It's just an edited version of HERE Maps, a lot the same, but some difference. First of all I had saved many "Favorite" locations into HERE Drive. Windows Maps said I could import my favorites from HERE, I tried. Got a message "Looks like there's nothing to import". I was livid. But not the end of the world right? I can just reprogram new "Favorites" in to Windows Maps right? Not so. For some reason you can only save ONE favorite, and it's named "Car". I can't even edit it to say "Home". There was no way to add favorites for quick access to navigation when I was on the go. Waze didn't work for me on my Android Samsung when I was using Uber, but I did like the idea of it, so I decided to try it on my 929 Icon for personal use.

So I installed Waze, it's a little different on Windows than Android, but I like it. I can add favorites! I wish it had a satellite overlay view, that would be nice. Also I wish they would get rid of the speedometer and show what the posted speed limit of the road is. My car has a speedometer, I don't need it on GPS but I do need to know the speed limit if I can't find a sign! HERE Drive showed the speedlimit, I loved that. Then SURPRISE, Windows Maps got rid of it! Other than those two issues (for now) I think that it's solid. Finally, here is my problem.....I don't get voice navigation from it. It's set for US Street Names Included Jane. When I turn on my car Windows Driving Mode connects to the Bluetooth in my car. I hit the media button and can play podcasts. If I was listening to a podcast and running GPS, with HERE Drive it would pause my podcast briefly to give a navigation voice instruction and then return to my podcast. Pretty slick. But when I run Waze I get no voice instruction. Neither through my car's speakers via Bluetooth or directly from the phone. Any ideas how I can get voice navigation to work? I know it's tricky, no one uses Windows phones really, my Lumia Icon 929 is older. (It still says Nokia on it!) This could be a Windows 10 compatibility problem with Waze. When I first was driving with driving mode I was missing calls and texts. The phone was ignoring them when before a call would ring in and I could press answer on my steering wheel and talk through the car. Texts would be read aloud to me also and I could respond with voice to text. None of that happened after the Windows 10 upgrade, I was frustrated. Turns out all I had to do was turn on "Cortana". That is to a Windows phone like Siri is to an iPhone or OKGoogle is to an Android.

So in a nutshell, Windows 10 running Nokia Lumia 929 Icon. Driving mode active connected to car Bluetooth. Waze running. Options set correctly for voice navigation instructions. No audio comes out of Waze either through my car Bluetooth or the phone directly. Luckily Waze visual directions are pretty good, I haven't got lost or missed a turn, but I would like those audio navigation instructions. I have tried using Waze on foot and still no audio either. I thought it might work now that I activated Cortana, but no such luck. Any help at all would be very much appreciated. Any suggestions or ideas? I'll try anything. Thank you in advance, sorry for the longwinded story, but some detail might help find a solution.

On a side note, tonight July 28th - July 29th, between 10pm and midnight, and now, 1:20am in Washington State near Everett, WA (30 miles North of Seattle) Waze was taking forever to load, I couldn't get driving instructions. Currently right now it says "NO GPS. Showing approximate location" in red letters above of "Proceed To Highlighted Route". Anyone know of a Waze outage? Does that ever happen and just normal or did I break something else?


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Is Waze 4.0 for Windows Phone 8.x/10 Mobile in the horizon?

Postby RojieC » Sat Mar 12, 2016 6:11 am

Last October 2015, 4.0 released on iOS platform, then now March 2016 is for Android. Just hoping if 5-6 month gap, Google would address the following issues for 4.0 release this year, maybe earliest on October 2016? I think after February 2015 release to address the battery life issue, I'm hoping that Google wouldn't discriminate the minority.
- route change availability at any time
- no voice navigation with street names
- lack of connectivity to social network (Facebook/Twitter/Foursquare)
- features related teams, online friend status/ETA/sharing
- broken link to messages in inbox
- too much time in posting traffic screenshot
- enhance notification/action center and vibration support
- inclusion of account/profile edit
- parking location screenshot
- primitive UI/UX and intuitive operation/route optimization
and just above to name the few.
Not only for phones but this version has potential to expand in Windows hybrid notebook and tablets or IOT as well if UWP would be supported also.
Given the resources of Google and exploring possible growth not only in Windows phones but the above mentioned gadgets as well, Google might set the navigation standard in every platform and device. Big from to 4.0 is Google's strength in achieving the impossible.
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Help - Waze on Windows CE 6.0

Postby bmatanb » Fri Jul 04, 2014 5:17 pm

Hello everyone!
I'm not sure this is the location for the topic. If it is not the place, please move the topic.

I have a new multimedia screen to in my car - RoadNav s100, OS: Windows CE 6.0.
How can I install Waze on that? I have an SD card port for that.

Thanks in advance.
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Fuel prices/ Gas stations

Postby enunminuto » Sun Apr 24, 2016 5:28 am

I use waze WP/ versión and I don't know how to introduce fuel prices of gas stations. Could anyone explain me?
Thank you.
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Cannot download voices

Postby Spark211 » Wed Jan 04, 2017 9:20 am


I have selected a new voice for the application and was told it had to be downloaded. I accepted this and despite having a good wi-fi and with all the other Internet functions working fine on my phone, it just sits at 0% downloaded and eventually times out. Any clues?

I am running the latest version of Waze for Windows Phone (Win 10).
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can't read email

Postby Blia101 » Wed Dec 14, 2016 10:30 am

So any messages I receive in my inbox gives me an error.. Every time..
Oops something went wrong.

I have never been able to read the messages.
Using Windows Phone 10.

Lots of problems. No street names... Map reporting issues.. Direction problems..
Try to report them and I cannot comment further because the email does not work.
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Bug: Arrival Time Disappears

Postby RansomV » Tue Sep 09, 2014 3:11 pm

I hope this is the correct forum. Let me know if I have it wrong.

NOTE: Using on Windows 8.1

A while ago (not sure if I was on previous version or not) I took a long-distance trip where I frequently was without coverage.
Occasionally, I would stop at a rest stop, and Waze would try to recalculate. When it couldn't, it basically told me to get back on the established route.
The problem is, that when I did get back on the route, it had lost the ability to tell me when I was going to reach my destination.

It knows where I am. It knows the route. It knows what the current time is. That should be sufficient information.
Please make it so that when I return to the known route, it is able to recalculate my arrival time.
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Auto Rotate using Windows 10 Mobile

Postby TimWallCool » Tue Jan 19, 2016 5:03 pm

I am running Waze on a Lumia 950 XL and while all other screens auto-rotate, the Waze screen will not auto-rotate and stays in a portrait orientation.

Waze - as show on the windows store

Model: Microsoft Lumia 950 XL Dual SIM
Carrier: NAM CV
Software: Windows 10 Mobile
Insalled RAM: 3 GB

Version: 1511
OS build: 10.0.10586.29
Firmware revision number: 01078.00027.15506.02005
Hardware revision numer :
Radio software version: B055c43.00004.00001
Chip SOC version: 8994
Screen resolution: 1440x2560
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APP Windows Phone

Postby ccalou » Thu Apr 21, 2016 4:58 pm

Why nor perform the update version for windows?
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App forgetting sign-in details every time

Postby Pilotdave69 » Fri Dec 11, 2015 2:13 pm


I'm using Waze on a Lumia 930 running WP8 (I am aware there is currently no official support for WP8).

Everything was going well until a few days ago. Every time I powered up the app, it'd ask me to sign in. I'd sign in - sometimes it would work, sometimes it'd tell me I had the wrong credentials. Anyway, I've since done a full 'format and reinstall' of the phone and Waze is still refusing to remember my username and password. It's frustrating to have to keep reentering the information, especially for a short trip.

Has anyone else experience this problem? Is there a known fix? Any help and advice would be very much appreciated. :-)

I do like using Waze, but with the lack of reliability of the current app, I feel I may be forced to leave it and find another solution should things not improve. Such a shame. :(

Many thanks,

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