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Re: Windows Phone v3.7.6 Official Feedback Thread

Postby BoxSoft » Sun Dec 29, 2013 1:46 pm

Qyv42 wrote:
BoxSoft wrote:There is, to an extent:

  1. Click on someone's address, it will take you to the map (not Waze's).
  2. Click on the "up arrow" icon to get directions. It shows a basic route on that map.
  3. Press the "right turn arrow" icon to launch a navigation app.
  4. Choose your desired app. My list shows Waze and HERE Drive+.

So it seems to be hooked in, just like Nokia HERE.


Your steps above work, but unlike with the HERE apps, the actual directions don't seem to be getting passed in to Waze so that it generates a route. I always use the Search button on the phone to quickly find whatever location I'm looking for, then get directions via the WP maps app and then go to HERE Drive via the "right turn arrow" as you note above. With HERE Drive, the route is automatically generated if I do that, but with Waze, the app just launches and nothing else happens, so I have to do all searching from within Waze. This isn't a huge deal, but one of the cool things about Windows Phone is the ability to pin things like a contact to the Start screen - that way I have their contact info handy, and can also get directions to any address in that contact if needed. So it would be great if Waze could integrate with the WP maps app and get the directions handed off when Waze is launched from that entry point.

I'm not sure why it doesn't work for you. For me, it definitely starts Waze and feeds it the information. Waze then starts giving directions without further input. I just tried the Here+ app, and it wanted me to press Start first. ;)
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Re: Windows Phone v3.7.6 Official Feedback Thread

Postby gerben » Sun Dec 29, 2013 11:57 pm

gerben wrote:Is anybody on GDR3 yet? In the Beta forums some users reported that the battery drain was much less on GDR3.

I updated my Lumia to GDR3 today and will test the battery drain tomorrow.

The battery still drains... :(
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Re: Windows Phone v3.7.6 Official Feedback Thread

Postby kmatalik » Mon Dec 30, 2013 10:38 am

I use Waze on a Nokia Lumia 820 and the battery drain is a problem, indeed.

As a workaround, I set my phone to use 2G connection only. 3G and 4G/LTE internet connection draws much more power, not only with Waze. In my experience a 2G connection is enough to update all infos in the app, as it generates quite low data traffic. With this setup, the fully charged 1650 mAh battery of the Lumia 820 is enough for about 1.5 hours of navigation. If I use my 890 mA car charger, the battery drain is very small, a few percentage points per hour. So with this workaround and a car charger, Waze is ok for even longer trips. But I still hope the app can be fine-tuned to draw less power.

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Re: Windows Phone v3.7.6 Official Feedback Thread

Postby kmatalik » Mon Dec 30, 2013 11:49 am

A quick note on the WP8 app version number. In the Settings menu, on the Help tab, under About, it shows release This is the latest app I can download from the App store, even though there in the App details section I can see version listed. I hope this can be updated with the correct version number.

So actually the thread title is somewhat misleading. We are discussing about v3.7.3.208. Correct me if I'm wrong.

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Re: Windows Phone v3.7.6 Official Feedback Thread

Postby Qyv42 » Thu Jan 02, 2014 5:55 am

There has been some question in this thread about whether Waze is equivalent to other apps which make heavy/continuous use of the GPS, or if it is actually drawing more power than those apps. I was on a road trip this week so decided to run a test. With the same conditions (e.g. phone position in car, type of charger, destination, etc.), on my Lumia 1020 running the "Black" update, I used Waze for 30 mins, and then Here Drive for 30 mins, noting the battery life at the start and end of each cycle. I did this cycle two times to try and reduce variability.

I found that in 30 mins, Waze was able to drain the battery of my 1020 by 4-5% even while on a charger. When I switched over to Here Drive, the battery was able to charge back up by approximately the same amount within 30 minutes. Switching back to Waze showed the same drain consistently, while with Here Drive I was consistently able to charge (albeit very slowly). The other thing I noticed was that the phone definitely got much warmer using Waze than with Here Drive - with Waze, after 30 mins, the phone was almost too hot to touch, while with Here Drive, it got warm but not hot.

Note that this was driving on a highway, so the conditions were not identical from cycle to cycle, but I kept an eye on things like phone signal strength, and things averaged out pretty well, so I don't think there were any external conditions that were affecting the testing in any significant way. One other experiment I tried after the testing above was putting my phone in airplane mode, to see if some of the extra drain was coming from usage of the cellular radio. Leaving the phone in airplane mode did not noticeably reduce the battery drain nor the temperature of the phone, so it seems like the usage of the GPS itself is the primary cause.

Bottom line: I don't know what Waze is doing differently than Here Drive - perhaps offline map data helps? - but it seems like there could be some opportunities to improve the power usage of the Windows Phone version.
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Re: Windows Phone v3.7.6 Official Feedback Thread

Postby TheKud3 » Thu Jan 02, 2014 9:54 am

Hi everyone,

First of all, thanks a lot for your job on the W8 app. It's a real pleasure to have this app on our devices. First tried it for new year's eve trip, and it's really wonderfull.

I will just confirm what every people over here :
- Facebook connection is not working. Adding to this, it would be great to have a facebook login button somewhere in the settings, for example in the social tab. It is kinda tricky to login from the rankings.
- Battery drain is not a big concern when you have a power plus in your car, but is still disturbing. Driving 3 hours yesterday dropped battery level from full to about 75%, while plugged. Ran out of battery on the way for the first trip (but didn't check battery first).

I will add that the app is really well integrated in the Windows 8 system. Using it when you have been using such a device for a while is pretty straightforward.

Once again thanks a lot for your great job, and keep going on it !
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Re: Windows Phone v3.7.6 Official Feedback Thread

Postby McPaHa » Fri Jan 03, 2014 12:19 pm

First of all thank you for Waze app for wp8.

However battery drain is HUGE for L920 - GDR2 - Amber. I even bought better charger which gives me 1,5 A but my phone is dying when using waze after 3 hours. We really need a situation that charger can give more power to the phone that it uses. Otherwise I cannot use this (even I love it).

I've tried Nokia navigation and Co-Pilot and with Co-pilot there is no similar battery drain problem.

Also there is no way to manage gas-prices & facebook link do not work.

Ps. reply is not working (or it is not exist) when someone needs my comment for map problem.

Anyway... I am hoping that this great app will update in future and these problems will be solved.
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Re: Windows Phone v3.7.6 Official Feedback Thread

Postby stelling28 » Mon Jan 06, 2014 10:33 am

Also I'm using Waze on my Lumia 620 and I like it. And I'm reading in the forum for some time. I also have the battery-drain issue, but it is not so bad as some users discripe. Setting my mobile internet to 2G helps. But I have two issues I have not seen reported before.
- In my settings I have set 'Prevent Auto-lock' to true, but when I navigate without a route, my screen stills turns black. I would like the screen not to go black, because I also want to use Waze also for GSP-speed and speed-camera's, without using the navigation.
- When using Waze and I'm going to another app (keeping Waze open in the background), Waze inmediately stops recording the drive. According to the description, this should be the case after some time. For the average speed in a section control I sometimes use FlitsNav, Waze does not have that option (yet). When I go back to Waze with the back button, it asks me if I want to resume navigation. Both Waze and FlitsNav are set to be able to run as a background task.
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Re: Windows Phone v3.7.6 Official Feedback Thread

Postby Miro_Ke » Wed Jan 08, 2014 12:54 pm

I'm not sure if there's anyone representing Waze reading this, considering no fix/update has been released so far, but I can also confirm:
- huge battery drain - 3-3,5 hour drive took my HTC 8X from 100% to 0% while constantly charging with my 1A charger...
- Facebook connection doesn't work (even though you can use a workaround and connect to FB if you install Waze on Android/iOS using your credentials. Then your friends become visible in Windows Phone as well
- not possible to join groups (the workaround above can be used though)
- not possible to edit gas prices
- there are problems with the emailed "share my drive" link, however removing http:// and retyping the link manually seems to help, strange...
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Re: Windows Phone v3.7.6 Official Feedback Thread

Postby joostboers » Sun Jan 12, 2014 2:31 pm

Thank you - I experience the same - leading me to avoid using Waze unfortunately.

Also the default 'Drive' app is energy intensive, this one seems to be in balance however - effectively not charging (too much). In general: making use of Bluetooth makes a huuge difference however during a drive I don't like to turn this off as I also am taking quite some calls in the car.

Hopefully this can be improved!

Kind regards,


rapiddani wrote:
brighcj wrote:4) phone gets really warm, uses Bart faster than my 3.1a charger can give, I've got a 4.2a charger in the mail now. But, if there's anything that can be done on this, it would be greatly appreciated, as right now, long road trips are out for waze.

Phone getting hot is OK... We are used to it by now... Playing any 'more serious' game gives the same effect.
For me the biggest flaw is that, while using Waze the battery drains more than it charges (L920 GDR2)...
today I started from 100% fresh off the charger - was driving and wazing (3g network) for about ~50mins, while constantly charging with Nokia cr-200 - at the end battery is drained down to 65%.... that means I couldn't even use it for 3 hours with this charger.
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