routing through landmarks

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routing through landmarks

Postby support » Tue Mar 22, 2011 3:32 pm

We recently implemented new routing servers and updated the routing tiles. It's now programmed to avoid routing through landmarks of the following types:

* Parking lot
* Gas Station
* Hospital/Hospice/Urgent Care Facility
* School or Academy

If one of these landmarks is in fact the destination of the user it will route you there however if the landmark is simply on the route of the destination waze will now make every attempt to route around the landmark.

This was done to prevent users from driving through areas such as hospital roads which are in fact closed to the general public.

If you are aware of area like this, one way to avoid routing through them is by creating landmarks as mentioned above.


* In case where a public road passes through a polygon, it should be divided to two with the same name
* In case where the polygon was not marked correctly and touches external public roads, it will not route through them and the polygon should be resized.
* It's currently implemented only in the US



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