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Illegal Activity Detected on Ireland Waze Map 25 March 2014

Post by arthurohara
Illegal damaging activity affecting the Ireland Waze Map was detected in Dublin on Tuesday 25 March 2014 and reported to Waze.

The person/s responsible are asked to kindly desist of their own volition and refrain from editing on the Waze map editor.

No relative questions/queries regarding this matter, either by private message or any other medium of communication will be entertained.

A number of other similar suspected locations on the Ireland map are presently being investigated.

Should you, as an editor come across anything of a suspicious nature, please send a report entitled "Suspicious Activity Ireland Waze Map" via private message, with a hyperlink to the location or some other identifying feature.

Pending considerations of a sensitive nature, it is intended to post fuller information regarding the activity detected on the 25th March 2014.

You will be kept appraised of developments.

A big thank you to the vast majority honest editors who are doing excellent work.

"Waze! For the Common Good - Out there on the road".
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