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Post by seriousarsonist
I'll agree with 2 weeks with consideration and a note to say that you've identified what is wrong and that you've fixed it. If somebody else has initiated a conversation then a more in depth explanation might be the way to go.

UR overview works well as you can find all sorts of issues in your area and examine and fix (if possible) them, it doesn't notify you of errors as they happen but does make finding them much easier.

As for going round the surrounding area, I do that every time I find a problem no matter wether I can fix it or not.


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Post by YanisKyr
I closed a couple last night too, and to be honest I focused on some that were abandoned. At least in my point of view as (for example) the UR was generated on January 15th with a comment from January 16th and no reply after that.. And even in the extreme case of the user replying 3 months after the report, he would most probably remember nothing :mrgreen:

Do we have a guideline for the time limits of a UR?
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