Formal Mentoring Going Strong

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Formal Mentoring Going Strong

Postby orbitc » Tue Apr 29, 2014 4:10 am

Hi All,

Mentoring is not new and been around for a while.......

But, perhaps taking a formal approach by giving one on one attention for a period of time to help editor to move up in rank(s) it is. Our goal is to change focus on number of edits to quality edits. This isn't just a new way of mentoring, rather culture change. With quality edits in mind we focus on all ranks from 1 and up. We also like to focus on community aspects too. Those who would like to achieve certain community roles and even become a champ will benefit from Formal Mentoring. While they are rank 3 or 4, they think and act like the role.

There are so many people has a part on this Formal Mentoring Program. But, everything first started while Ori and I discussing educating a new editor and challenges that come along with it. Later with Noam's help Formal Mentoring started to take shape. I was testing the waters by helping individual editors and give one on one attention. The results were great. Some of these editors just enough edits to have rank 2 or 3 had enough knowledge and quality edits as a rank 5. Naturally, they are promoted to rank 3 then 4 and 5's.

With these great results we started talking about Formal Mentoring. Noam's presentation was the the final touch to make this a project to become a Formal Mentoring.

I maybe started this as a little idea but to make it this far I have to thank many.
Just to name a few:
  • Ori,
  • Noam,
  • Amit,
  • Shirli,
  • Irad,
  • Ron,
  • Kent
  • PesachZ
  • qwaletee
  • Vectorsapce
  • Sketch
  • Alan
...And all the Formal Mentors that are in the Waze Forum. List is growing as I type. ;)
I also like to acknowledge the interest to our Formal Mentoring from other communities.
Just to name a few:
  • Netherlands
  • Philippines
  • Germany
  • Brazil
  • Turkey
  • Mexico
  • Canada
Come Join us.
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Re: Formal Mentoring Going Strong

Postby Kobes1878 » Wed Jul 16, 2014 11:08 pm

Hi all!

I want to take a moment to share my personal experience with this program.

I started editing small areas in my neighborhood when I noticed that certain roads or addresses were incorrect. I was first contacted by a senior editor after paving a road but leaving it "red" as I was unaware I was required to "fill in the blanks". I was given clear concise instructions on how to fix the road I created and how to connect it to a (now) Major Highway using the unlock forum. It was then that I realized how much work and knowledge was required prior to continuing and how much effort goes in to making Waze what it is today. I quickly recognized that just knowing how to read a map was insufficient and for the need for someone else to show me the way, if I wanted to truly edit on a high level. Not long afterwards, Orbit introduced the Formal Mentoring program. I read through multiple forums prior to choosing who I would like to mentor me and in which topics, by looking for editors with unique knowledge in specific areas of WME. Personally, I chose to request multiple editors for different subjects that I felt they can assist me with. The rest is history.

As my knowledge and basic understanding grew in just about every aspect of editing, so did my ranking. In a relatively short period, I went from a nubie to becoming an R4 Area Manger. The editing I focused on was more Quality as opposed to Quantity as stated above. Even though I officially completed the mentoring process, I still maintain strong relationships with my mentors and continue to ask and learn from them every day.

Note to newer editors: Take advantage of this program. Find an editor you are comfortable with and shoot them a message. Do not get hung up on the word "formal". In fact my mentoring was as informal as can be (occurring at all hours and covering any and all subjects.) Having it documented can only assist in one's desire to up their ranking and editing rights. Hey,you never know you may actually learn a thing or two. ;)

With special thanks to OrbitC, Qwaletee, Phantomsoul and PesachZ. (As well as all those listed above.)

- Kobes1878
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