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Street names are written in a strange writing

Post by ahboon81

I know that you have some font issue with some Samsung phone, my Huawei ascend mate also have the same problem (please see attachment). Please add this phone in your list.
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Post by gm2racer
You can add the HP Slate 7 HD 4G 3400US to the list of devices that display funky text.
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Post by helpman
I won't upload a picture as we would see the same problem, but the weird font problem also happens on huawei ascend p2...
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Post by Quasimodal
I also have the Slate 7 HD and have the same problem with the font. Waze also displays the wrong icons sometimes. Plus when I enable the speedometer, my car is sometimes garbled.

Another forum suggested to install the following, but it will not install on my Slate. I receive only an error, "App not installed:" ... 4.0.26.apk
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Post by tim1
Same thing on an HP Slate 10HD, both in English and Hebrew
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Post by Jethro-T
It doesn´t seem to go forward here. I can add an HP Slate6 Voice Tab to the list. The above mentioned fix isn´t working for me either.
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Post by jbusbib
I have the same problem of street names written in a strange writing format using WAZE with HP Slate 7. Can someone help me solve this problem? Thanks!
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