Bad Halifax Routing (maybe)

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Bad Halifax Routing (maybe)

Postby Jay91150 » Sun Jul 13, 2014 1:36 pm ... 413&zoom=5

Hi folks,

I've got a Wazer in the HRM that has been having a hell of a time getting Waze to route properly in the above-permalinked area. There's a UR further north on Burnside that will show you the route that Waze wants him to take - southbound Burnside to Wright, west on Wright, south on Raddall, then south on Ilsley, then east on Ronald Smith Ave, then south again on Burnside. I've been working with him for several weeks to try to rectify this problem. Everything about that chunk of Burnside that is being avoided looks OK.

I noticed the UR in the above permalink indicating the problem is still occurring and I ran a routing test on the livemap. The original problem was indicated as a route from eastbound Akerley west of Burnside, to the interchange with Hwy 111 at the south end of Burnside. So I used that in this morning's test, and Burnside works fine for me now. Raddall is not even in the top 3 any more (the other two options involve bypassing Burnside and continuing east on Akerley).

As you can see in the latest UR, I've asked him to refresh his map and try again. NA tiles are supposedly up to date, so he should have the latest data. I'm completely stumped at what might be causing the issue. If anyone has any theories, I'd love to hear them.
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Re: Bad Halifax Routing (maybe)

Postby doctorkb » Mon Jul 14, 2014 8:30 pm

This has been ongoing and is likely the same Wazer.

Bottom line: he needs to start driving the recommended route (i.e. "take one for the team") to prove to the system that it is longer.

Until he (or someone else) does this, the routing server won't have a clue that it isn't the shorter route.
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