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Routes and points from US vacation?

Post by Colonel667
Hey there!

I'm from Germany and I just came back from a three week vacation in Michigan, USA. Did a lot of driving there with the friend I visited and I noticed right at the beginning that Waze seemed to count my points starting over by 0 over there, even though I was of course using my usual account on my phone.

So now I'm just curious what's up with that. I mean, I got to about 10,000(!) points over there. Would be nice if this (and also the routes!) were just added to my scoreboard, because even here on the website I can't find them anywhere anymore. :cry:

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Post by AlanOfTheBerg
Different servers. Points will never add together. You will need to check your points on the www server instead of the world server to see your US points. (Forum posts show on both sides equally.)
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Post by Colonel667
Oh, okay. That's a little strange. Is it supposed to stay like that forever?
But you're right, if I choose the US as country I can see my ~11,000 points.
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Post by dmcconachie
I know of one other user who I think got his US points migrated to his world account as a one off. I could be wrong but couldn't hurt to email and ask nicely! :-)
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Post by gettingthere
There was some 'talk' a long time ago about combining points - but this have never happened. With all of the recents issues with points on both the US and World servers it seems even less likely that they will be combined. Pure speculation on my part.
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