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Is Waze on its last legs?

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Today is Thursday. There has been no scoreboard update since Sunday (maybe Saturday). There has been one upload of driven routes this week. The insert in the corner of the map showing the towns is out of date for several days also. For several weeks past there have only been one or two updates of each kind per week. Makes editing very tedious. No announcements or updates explaining what is happening. What is going on?

Sincerely yours

Fed Up.

Post by AlanOfTheBerg
ravedave wrote:Guess what I lost?

The opportunity to have a gold WAZE profile logo, and a couple of thousand of points.


ravedave wrote:And guess what...

I AM STILL ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!
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Post by arthurohara
No I don't think so!

I think Waze will grow and become a huge asset to mankind. It is something that should in course become standard in all motor vehicles as technologies improve, which can happen at a very fast pace.

In an ideal world that would obviate the necessity for overt management of a whole raft of laws, rules and regulations that would then become issues for personalised self-management and governance, whereby drivers would naturally regulate their own driving to the conditions, and statutory regulations and laws attaining to their location at any given time. To go outside of those set parameters would render the user automatically liable for whatever punishment was applicable! It would naturally then become a matter for each individual user to regulate themselves and apply self-governance and responsibility for their own actions or otherwise pay a penalty to the law-abiding society.

Traffic Police would be reduced and ultimately become more of a thing of the past, as we now know it.

The overall consequences of such technology being applied would automatically reduce accidents, speeding, car theft, policing, legal actions and many of the relative expense associated such as quality of life, car insurance, medical, death, courts, and so on.

Having regard to all considerations, fiscal savings would be huge!

All in a future ideal world. :idea:



Thu 15 Dec 2011 0937 GMT Standard Time Wk. 50.
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Post by Atlas85
I drove about 50k miles a year. Usage approx 50mb per month...
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Post by banished
Dash Navigation suffered a lot of criticism for not keeping their user base informed and within a year of production were gone. My hope for Waze is they understand that customer satisfaction (especially the AMs!) is as important as getting the next update out. Small companies cannot afford people who can only do one job, so the person tasked with resolving our complaints may be the same one doing developmental work.

Except for the current disappearing road issue I am having, edits up until that started are showing up in client within 48 hours, which I think fantastic.
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Post by bazmoose
As a new Wazer I felt compelled to reply. I was wondering why my points didn't update but after a few days I got them.

As far as Waze being on it's last legs? I highly doubt it. All I can really complain about is that it took me this long to find out about it! I commute 50 miles a day and this tool is invaluable to me. I've found the data it uses is minimal, I thought it would have used more.

I'm going to do my part to increase the user base in my area.

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Post by bazmoose
qwiksilver wrote:Points are your worry?
Not entirely but it's fun to collect them!

What sold me on waze was the accuracy of the maps. In the area I live in we have a MAJOR construction project going on. The ramp and road alignments can change day-to-day and the fact they're updated when I do my daily commute just blew me away.

I don't know why you're having such a problem.
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Post by bgodette
llayden wrote:When I kicked this thread off, I really was only indulging my frustration with a bit of free software that I instinctively liked but found to be unreliable on a number of fronts. It amazes me that 1797 people (to date) have viewed the thread and 57 have replied. I think this is evidence of a couple of things. The first is that there is a big pool of sympathy out there for Waze. The second is that there are a lot of people out there, like me, who think it is in the process of collapsing.
I see your mistaken assumptions about how forum views somehow equate to unique readers as a lack of clear thinking on your part and really just looks kinda trollish.
llayden wrote:This is not due to the fact that it is a bad idea but rather that it cannot meet the minimum needed service level.
Odd how it seems to be working just fine for me, whereas I can note numerous examples where Google Nav and Telenav get it wrong where Waze gets it right, even more so when real live traffic is involved.
llayden wrote:In particular the people who do a lot of editing are fed up.
This is a legitimate complaint that stems from lack of training for the mechanical turks (or Eastern Europeans as it seems). This I agree was poorly thought through and managed.
llayden wrote:The competetive types who want their points are also unhappy.
A two month recovery from an increase of 1+ million users over the same period of time doesn't seem unrealistic given the project is still not monitized.
llayden wrote:for example roads get set up by default as one way and junctions are non-return valves.
Huh? What are you talking about? Basemap import doesn't work like that, bulldozed roads don't work like that, and if you're creating roads in the editor you need to set everything just like in Google Maps, Mapquest and Bing.
llayden wrote:The Amazon outage cost most of their subscribers one or, at tops, two days. Waze still hasn't recovered and is into its next crisis. Before the Amazon outage, it wasn't working properly either. ... I'd be splitting the 'world' into three, four or five parts - why have Australia and Ireland (nearly antipodes) in the same database.
This needs to be addressed and is likely the only real solution to the world cluster problems without switching to a significantly different database back-end, postgresql just isn't suited for this large of a workload, especially inside virtual machines.
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Post by bgodette
gettingthere wrote:Supposedly well over 5 million Wazers worldwide (ok sure, likely not nearly that many active). So LA must have more than 1000 of the 5 million! They are not all in Tokyo, Mexico City, Shanghai, NY, etc. LA us up there with the biggest cites in the world.
You can generally judge how much user density a place has by how many users show up on the live map when you zoom out to the entire country. Zooming out to where we just get state borders, there's always someone in LA/San Diego, Phoenix, Texas, and up and down the east coast.
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Post by bodean
Im testing out Waze along side Trapster currently. See how they each compare to eachother.
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Post by CBenson
llayden wrote:The servers are obviously not adequate. The technical staff are obviously overstretched.
But isn't this how it has always been. I'm not seeing a decline that would indicate that we are seeing the last legs now.
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