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Expected change in editing points calculation

Posted: Mon Sep 29, 2014 10:27 am
by shirlig
Hi wazers!
We're about to implement an important change in the way we calculate editing points, mostly affecting users who have edited in the two environments (North America / International).
Generally, all point components (for miles / road reports / editing etc) are calculated separately in each environment. Consequently, each user has potentially two sets of points.
In the next few days, we will migrate editing points into one global set.

What to expect?
  • If you have edits in the two environments - you should expect your editing points to be unified. In both dashboards (NA / INL) you will find the same value under "map edits".
  • editors who will be granted with their editing points from the other environment, might "jump" in the scoreboard. This will have the biggest effect in the weekly score.
Please note that this change is only relevant for editing activity (including places, update requests, map problems).
All other point components should behave as before.