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Severe violation of the community's Code Of Conduct

Posted: Sun Apr 05, 2015 5:19 pm
by shirlig
Hello Wazers,

Over the last few days, we’ve been busy dealing with some truly unacceptable behaviour on our IL Community forum. This is the first of its kind in the Waze Community. We’d like to share with you the details of this incident (without mentioning names) and our conclusions. Also, we’d like to clarify and stress the severity of inappropriate behavior in the Waze forums.

A few weeks back, a new editor started editing in Israel. They began causing damage to the map and showing a bad attitude toward some of the local community leaders. The community informed us about this matter and we quickly blocked all editing abilities.

Following these actions, the user started to pointedly harass and slander one of the IL community leaders. The new editor published an offensive and threatening post which, among other things, revealed personal information about the community leader - including their real name and copied the same post into 24 different, and unrelated, threads. In addition, they changed their username multiple times to the community leader's real name.

It was clear from their posts that, although they’d been blocked, their plan was to remain active in the community by editing the maps through multiple fake accounts.

This behavior is obviously strictly forbidden and reflects a clear violation of the Waze Community Code Of Conduct.

As soon as we were informed about the details of this case, we suspended the user’s account, removed his posts, and sent him a stern warning message on the behalf of the company.

So, what are the conclusions?
This was the first time we’ve seen this type of malicious behaviour in the Waze Community and, although we worked around the clock to deal promptly with the situation, we know there are things we can improve upon if this unfortunate situation ever repeats itself. We are now better prepared to deal efficiently with any incidences where a wazer feels threatened as part of their activity in the community.

We want to make it clear
The Waze forum is a safe and friendly platform. We are all passionate about what we do, but any behavior that is malicious, provocative, violent, threatening, or attempts to reveal other users’ personal information - by impersonation or otherwise - is a clear violation of the company’s rules and immediate action will be taken.

Any user found acting this way will be immediately suspended with no warning.

In addition, we’re here for our users and, of course, our community leaders - who take such a huge and active role in the community; supporting users, improving the map, and protecting quality. Any user who feels threatened by another user in the forum can and should contact us so we can help address the issue.

We have a special and unique community. A collaborative and friendly one. A community that acts by example and is a role model to others. We want to believe that this deeply unacceptable behaviour is a one-time issue and will never be repeated.

Thanks to all of you who make this community what it is!

The Waze Team