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Local v.s. Out-Of-Town mode

Post by ADCoolNinja
When driving to work on the same route, I just want quick voice command to guide me to the best route. E.g., "Take 52 east" is sufficient instead of "Stay in the right lane and take exit 37- highway 52 east- San Clement Freeway". This verbosity becomes extremely annoying.

However, when driving in a place I am not familiar with, that extra verbosity may be helpful.

There should be a way to toggle modes, or even learn automatically when I am in a new place v.s. a place I know well.

Post by Itadiau
I was guessing if it is possible to implement a function winch automatically switch off the turn-by-turn navigation voice if the trip home to work is the standard patch and there are not events affecting it. Viceversa if there is traffic or events impacting the trip and the route is different from the usual, then the voice navigation automatically is turned on to navigate thru the different route.
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Post by El-Dan
Yes, I want this too!
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Post by El-Dan
Yes, that would be a great way to handle it.
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Post by amgammel
the problem:
when I drive from home to work using Waze, I constantly get directions.
I know this route by heart because I drive it every day. I don't want to hear the normal directions. The only reason to switch on Waze is to be notified about traffic jams and detours

add an option to switch off directions for known routes (e.g. home to work)
only notify me when there are traffic jams
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Post by Ecargot
If I'm driving to a destination via a very well-known route in a well-known area (such as near where I live) is there any advantage in navigating to the destination as opposed to merely having the app open?

Edit: I should add that there is a disadvantage to navigation on such routes: audible directions are not needed and unwanted.
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Post by EyeHateCommuting
I use Waze pretty much every single day, but not because I can't remember how to get to and from work. I use it because of the helpful information it gives me as far as arrival time and such. I really wish there was an option to tap, when you input a destination you already know how to get to that says "I got this" (or something like that). Meaning I'll still get my highlighted route and route changes if need be (ex. bad traffic or accident ahead), and I'll still be able to see what time I'll be arrival and how much longer till I get there.

My work around for this now has been this... When Waze asks if I'm going home or to work, I hit go to see what my arrival time will be and how long it will take me to get there, but then I have to stop the navigation because I don't need Waze to tell me how to get to a place I've been going to every single day for years.

Anyway, I think this would be an AMAZING update to an already AWESOME app! And I think a lot of other people would agree with me. Thank you for your time, I look forward to hopefully getting this option in an upcoming update. :D

Post by EyeHateCommuting
Yup, I figured that out after posting this. Thanks though, I appreciate your response! :D

Post by AlienDev
Waze picks up pretty quickly on your preferred route for a commute, school run, etc. (Are you on your way to Work?, etc.)

For me, it's a 25 mile commute on an interstate and a bit of city traffic on either end, and I usually just have Alerts Only mode on (no need to call out every turn on a regular route).

I would like Waze to have a big alert when it is choosing a route that is different to usual. For example - if there's an accident ahead, and Waze recommends a diversion off the Interstate ... then I would like that to be an alert, with a YES NO on whether to switch on all sounds.
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Post by GeoffyMc
I also would really like this feature. I don't need alerts for directions if I'm heading to my Home or Work destination and using the "usual" route.
However, a deviation from the norm should allow for alerts to automatically enable again.
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