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iOS v4.0 Feedback Thread

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From the App Store:
Version 4.0 introduces a fresh new design for easier navigation, reporting, and sharing.

• Significantly reduced battery consumption.
• Fewer taps to start a drive, send locations and directions.
• New ETA panel organizes everything you need in one place. View reports, check alternate routes, add a stop on the way, or instantly send ETA to friends and family.
• The new map is easier to read with a cleaner look catered to your drive.
• It’s easier to help others on the road with a faster, more visual reporting menu.
• Reports and alerts are color-coded so you can instantly recognize them on the map.
• Smart reminders to leave on time for your Calendar events based on traffic conditions and drive times.
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This App is a nice improvement with it now looking like a polished commercial product one would expect from such firms as apple or google (I get the irony). As with any upgrade there are room for improvements

i would like to see the return of the ability to report traffic and hazards on the other side of the street. This was a valuable feature and while I heard it was infrequently utilized it is an important feature, they kept this with the police report function why not have this for other things? Waze is much more than just a way to know of a speed trap up ahead.

I agree that icons need to be bigger on screen you can barely see other users and the hazards are difficult to see, that being said the pulse around upcoming hazards is a nice feature which slightly mitigates this issue.

There are some zoom issues at time where it zooms out too far making it difficult to report road closures.

my 2 cents for now, need to drive more with it.
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Post by A320Peter
I like the new UI :) it's cool and obviously faster and the battery consumption is less for sure, I was testing it for a couple of hours.


1. as they mentioned before me, the night theme is obviously too dark. Actually it's not dark, but the contrast between the roads and map elements is tight. With low screen brightness, it's difficult to see the map clearly.

2. this was existed in the previous versions but not improved: there is a significant lag or time dealy between the indicated location and the real location especially at high speed. It is easy to miss a turn if you don't slow down. Of course, this is beacuse of processing the GPS signal, calculation, drawing delay on the screen and so on... this is normal. But in many navigation app there is a setting to put the present position let's say 1 second forward on the route regarding the actual speed, so when you are crossing a road, you are also crossing a road on the map... and you are not 50 meters behind...

3. I'm really happy with the 'rotate to north' button when scrolling on the screen and just looking for something :) I have been waiting for this since version 3. BUT. If I was moving recently even if I STOP the navigation, the screen stucks in 3D mode and I can not get into the 2D mode to find something on the map with scrolling. I have to wait a bit... or close the app to get back the 2D mode. It would be nice to have a button to easly get the 2D view.

4. as you can see on the screenshot in landscape mode the present location is in the middle of the screen. This is a screenshot from iPhone 6, but it's even worse on iPhone 5 or lower screen resolution. On those devices it's clearly visible what is behind the driver but almost nothing about what is ahead...
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Post by a71914
I like the new look. Much easier to use.

There is no way to get details on the the Reports Around Me or Reports on Route.
I found this feature very helpful and now it is missing.
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Post by ActorMan135
Have noticed a bug that was in the previous version, and has also translated into the most current version of iOS - v4.0.0.3.

Cannot cut and past addresses from iCal events to the WAZE search bar. Just comes out as a lot of coding. Was able to do this in versions prior.

Partial Example: "x-maps mapitemhandles://YnBsaXN0MDDSAQIDBV8QFk1LTWFwSXRlbUxhdW5jaEhhbmRsZXNfECVNS01hcEl0ZW1MYXVuY2hBZGRpdGlvbnNMYXVuY2hPcHRpb25zoQRPEQFjCAES3gIaEgkIr13acAZBQBH0iTxJuo9dwCL+AQoNVW5pdGVkIFN0YXRlcxICVVMaCkNhbGlmb3JuaWEiAkNBKgtM.....
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Post by AD5TD
I can't figure out how to tag objects in the other lane like the old version. :!: !
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Could anyone be so kind as to let me know how to tag warnings in the opposite side of the road? I have searched and found many who complain of this but no solutions. The mod was no help at all.

thanks to any and all.

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wbritt99 wrote:What a degrade this release has been to a great product.

Time to go back to TomTon
I must agree with that statement. This version although pretty, is not as good as the last one. Not being able to report objects on the other side of the road is a big negative to me. I would encourage them to read instate that ability so that we can report conditions in traffic on the other side of the road. I live in a very rural area there's not much traffic so I don't get a chance to get reports or leave reports very often it's very important that I be able to report traffic on both sides of the road.

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Post by aes38
When I look at the routes in the List view, I can see reports along each route, but if I switch to the Map view, there is no reports shown for the routes. Could you please show reports in the Map view too? It helps me to make a decision on which route to take.
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Post by aes38
Colors in the Map view of the routes are awful. A selected route color is light blue and other routes are grayish-pink. The selected route does not pop up, it takes some time to see which route is selected.
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Post by aes38
I have problems with reporting closures.

1. Today an exit from the highway was closed for construction. When I tried to report it, I saw two arrows on the screen and was asked to choose the direction that was closed. Unfortunately the angle between these two arrows was almost zero, so one arrow almost completely overlapped the other one, so when I tried to select the exit, it selected the highway one.

2. I can report a closure only if I am before it, but usually there is a policeman and a line of cars behind me, so I can't stop right before the closure and report it. But if I follow a detour sign, then stop and try to report it, the street that is closed does not have an arrow to report. I can only report closure on streets in front of me, not the ones that are behind me.
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