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Official Feedback Thread: iOS v4.0.1

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To continue the discussion and feedback on the latest iOS release. (previous thread)
wazCris wrote:So 4.0.1 is out. Does it fix ANY of the complaints?
Pizuz wrote:The color scheme for night mode was altered. The former purple line is now cyan. Furthermore, for shared drives the green line is now less bright.

No other changes, as far as I can tell.
Pizuz wrote:The icons are still the same and I personally like it that way.

Post by AdeinPerf
I've been using Waze for a number of years now here in Australia, and finally it seems to have passed a critical point where there are enough users to make the app really useful. My comments on v4.0.1
  • Frequently get the adding friends dialogue
  • Navigation line too wide to see traffic
  • I keep accidentally swiping into the friends list when trying to scroll around the map.
  • biggest issue I have is with the white navigation screen switching to a black screen when reporting an incident. Why the huge change in contrast? It's like the reporting buttons are in night mode. Then the option I select has such a subtle change in colour that I end up pressing twice because I'm not so sure if I've hit it or not.
  • water features, rivers, etc are still a mess in my part of the world...
Hope these are useful.
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Post by aes38
I have problem with sound in Waze all the time, but it seems that the latest update made it even worse.

I have iPhone 6, iOS 9.1, Waze
App Volume set to 100%.
Play sound to phone speaker: On
Prefer Bluetooth: Off

I start Waze, select my destination, see the route, but there is not sound in 95% of the cases. In 5% of the cases I get some sound at the beginning, but after I drive for a while I notice that Waze does not give me directions anymore. Sometimes if there is no sound it helps if I turn Waze off and start it again, sometimes it helps if I use a voice command when I search for a destination and push the iPhone button to increase sound volume, but mostly it does not help at all. A few month ago I could make it work almost always, but now it is completely opposite.

When I am driving, if somebody calls, I sometime hear directions at the same time as I hear somebody talking to me from the car speakers, but when the call is over, I don't hear a peep from Waze.

It worked much better before with the same phone and the same car, so I guess something changed in Waze lately. I thought that somehow bluetooth affecting Waze, but I specifically set to make sound from the phone's speakers.

It is not a car related also, because if I try to use Waze when I am not in the car, there is no sound too.

Even when it was working better before, I still could not control volume with iPhone's volume buttons. I had posted question about it and got some confusing answer why it works this way. I am very disappointed.
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Post by aes38
iPhone 6, Waze - sound does not work in 95% of cases.
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Post by afrenchpress
I'm loving the new is much easier to read and follow while driving!

I wonder though why sometimes when the map zooms in and out (with your changing speed), why street names stop showing up, and then eventually appear. It would be nice to have the street names show up with greater consistency.
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Post by allentheman
Is anyone able to get Waze to output audio prompts over bluetooth when my car is not on the bluetooth audio setting? I want it to come over the speakers when I'm listening to the radio or something else but it fails to play over BT unless the Ive selected BT audio as the source..

Also 4.0.1 is very frequently pulling my location data even if the app is not open and closed completely.
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Post by ambo33
Please fix the stuck gps icon! Even after hard closing waze, iOS shows waze still using my location! Creeps! Cut it out!
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Post by Andres-3
Hi. Has anyone else experienced this problem:
This morning, i was driving to work 50 km, but Waze recorded only 33.91 km. After work, the distance was recorded right, and both morning and evening driving times were the same. Can't be right!
Last week, i was driving 190 km, but Waze recorded only 14.39km and driving time was 2 hours, 44 minutes. Recorded driving time was right, but the distance was wrong. Why is Waze recording time correctly, but not distance?

Sometimes, the recording time is also showing faults, 17 December, I was only driving for 15 minutes, but Waze recorded 18 hours 24 minutes.

iPhone 6S, latest iOS.
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Post by AT_Hiker
I like the improvements made in 4.0.1. Having the hazard icons appear at normal zoom, and the night time color scheme have been nice improvements. But I find the blue on black "next turn" text to be very hard to see during the daytime. Also, in landscape mode the "next turn" text is much smaller than when in portrait mode, which adds to the problem.
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Post by AT_Hiker
A few days ago I witnessed a large fire extinguisher fall off the back of a truck and go bouncing down the interstate. The fall set off the extinguisher which resulted with a thick smoke screen in the middle of the road. Clearly this was a dangerous hazard that should be reported, so I turned to Waze to give my fellow drivers a heads up. The problem was that the incident happened on the other side of the interstate, and I couldn’t report this hazard because the ability to report a hazard on the other side of the road has been removed.

Please add back the ability to report hazards on the other side of the road.
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Post by augustowp
Any news on Pionner App Radio support?
I got a Honda Civic and some people said that they used to control Waze from Car Unit (using Car Unit Screen)
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