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Post by WuTangCool
When you have the speedometer enabled, it would be great if it would notify the driver if they go 10km over the speed limit. or what ever local speed, they use e.g. 10km or 10 miles.

I recently got a ticket for going 11km over the speed limit.
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Post by wwso
Waze app stutter

I have been finding lately that Waze does not always drop the "to" in voice instructions. This results in a stutter effect when "onto" is combined with "to" as in keep left onto to Route 4 East. It's not consistent, and it seems like sometimes the "to" is dropped and sometimes it isn't for the exact same route.

The road naming wiki says it will be dropped: " Further, the "to" will be automatically omitted from Text-to-Speech instructions. Do not omit the word "to", because this could cause confusion with, say, the "Select entire street" function."
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Post by XKSpeed
I've posted on the forums about this before, but on my iPad mini, road goodies do not appear. They are there and can be eaten, but you can't see them.

Also, likely a related issue, on a traffic jam segment, there used to be a red box showing the speed of that segment. Now I just have a tiny red box with nothing displayed.

Yes, I have "show road goodies" selected. Likely all this is because everything is too small.

Make everything larger!! Road hazards, police, street names. If I can't see things on a huge device like an iPad mini, I can't even imagine how bad it is on an iPhone.

Please see my forum posts for details:
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Post by yearlus
My Issue is that of an evening when pressing the friends icon, it comes up with an uh-oh message, and still adding friends.

I also cannopt see any reports around me or make reports.

Had this on my iphone 5s, and had to uninstall and reinstall every day to overcome.

Now i have upgraded to a iphone 6s, even this doesnt resolve it.

What is even more weird is that approx 6pm each night, it connects and runs as normal.

Mornings it runs fine.

Any ideas?
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Post by yearlus
Pizuz wrote:I usually fix this by putting Waze into sleep mode and reactivating it. Sometimes twice.
Unfortunately didnt work for me :(
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Post by yourdp
Long time Waze user and since moving to Dallas three years ago, I use it more than ever. However with the 4.0 release, I feel the route algorithm has been altered in the wrong direction. Before 4.0, I had logged several alternate route trips (by Waze) to avoid notorious trouble areas during rush hour.

Departing my office and queuing up the app, it regularly suggests the fastest route (highway) even with the highway displaying 10-15 heavy traffic notices --and being Dallas-- those will only get worse. I've testing routing "shortest route" but that sends me darting through neighborhoods and suggests several major thoroughfares crossings during rush hour which is next to impossible.

Love the app, but wanted to share my frustrations in the way the app's navigating and choosing the "best" route as of late.

Keep up the hard work Waze Team.
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Post by Zorglups
[*]I like the re-routing alert. Indeed I often find myself in traffic, finding that Waze suggested me another route but I did not notice it because... I'm most of the time in Alert mode only and looking at the route and not at the screen.
[*]I think as well that the route thickness is too large covering the traffic conditions that we all take time to report to waze. It also hide some useful details on complex road cross/exits.

Anyhow, thanks for the good app !!!
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