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Known issues - add +1 if you have the same problem (see page 1 for details)

1. TTS clipping of instructions over bluetooth (bug reported to staff)
2. Pioneer App Radio integration errors (bug reported to staff)
3. Missing speedometer settings in non-SL countries (bug reported to staff)
4. Prevent Auto-Lock setting turned off after updating (fix manually in settings)
5. Sharing a drive with WhatsApp broken (staff is aware)
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Official Feedback Thread: iOS v4.4

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What's New in Version 4.4.0:
Bugs and stability fixes

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User confirmed issues:
  1. FIXED IN v4.5.0 TTS clipping of instructions over bluetooth (HSP/HFP) Beta users see BUG-2683
  2. Pioneer App Radio integration errors. (Beta users see BUG-0002,1759,2091)
  3. Missing speedometer settings in non-SL countries. (Beta users see BUG-2844)
  4. Some users have found that the Prevent Auto-Lock setting has been turned off after updating. Easy fix: go to Settings>General and turn Prevent Auto-Lock on.
  5. Sharing a drive with WhatsApp was broken by a change in WhatsApp. Waze staff is aware and working on a fix.
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Post by arshadrider
The speedometer is gone! I can't see the option to enable it either.

I have un-installed the app several times and re-installed. Same problem.

Can someone please help!

Much appreciated!

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Post by arshadrider
Speedometer has always been working in the UK(london), so this happened after the update.

So, something must have happened.
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Post by arshadrider
where exactly? Because I can't find it.

Can someone point me to the speedometer options in Waze? It has disappeared from the main screen/navigation pane. It's a must for me.

Thanks in advance.
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Post by arshadrider
thanks @vince1612 :(
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Post by awosy
MCHappy374 wrote:After last ios update from Apple, my phone now turns completely off while driving AND using the app. Pls advise solution as not safe to restart phone while driving.
I have the same problem since the last update. Sadly, this makes Waze not usable anymore. :cry:
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Post by admacedo
Guys the solution is easy.
Go to Waze set up.
You have to enable this option.
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Post by AmandaLourenzi
Hi, I am a waze user in Brazil.

I am using ios 9.3.1, waze and whatsapp 2.16.2.

When I try to share my ETA through WhatsApp, I click "more" and select whatsapp. It opens the whatsapp contact list and I choose one contact, but I get a message saying that is not possible sharing ETA.

Has anyone already had this problem?

In my old mobile, I used android and I could share my ETA and also my location through whatsapp directly without issues...

Now I need to select "more", then "copy", open whatsapp manually, paste the copied link and send to the selected contact...

Can anyone help me?

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Post by AWD_Stig
COBillK wrote:
DenStL wrote:I am running ios 9.3.1 and updated my waze to 4.4.0. Now my guidance voice is choppy. It will say "in a qua...turn left". Any ideas or updates coming to fix this?
Seriously, the post immediately before yours was urging people to read the thread as the post immediately before that asked the same question.

It's a known bug, there's no ETA for a fix, hopefully the next release but no promises.
Glad to see it's on their radar at least. 6s, 9.3.1, 4.4.0, same bug. Extremely annoying.
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Post by AWD_Stig
Appreciate the info Vince! I've had to drive with Alerts only for a while. Needless to say I miss having the full nav voice. :)
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Post by AWD_Stig
Twildoo wrote:Hi,

Since the last update my Waze App hasn't been working as it used to.
Now my lock screen keeps interfering, which this never happened before.

And now when I'm stuck in traffic, and/or where the there are traffic jams, were the road
Used to turn red or orange, I can no longer see them. All I can see is the little round warning
Bubble to tell me that there is traffic.

Is this a fault or is this is how Waze is now going to be?

I hope I make sense!

I had this problem too when the update happened, turns out the "Display on Map" settings had went back to default, where they don't show traffic colors on road.

In that setting there will be sliders to turn on/off what you want to display on the map. Traffic and any other missing ones should be there and simply turned off!

Hope that helps :mrgreen:
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