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New WME Version v.1.35-55

Posted: Tue Jul 25, 2017 8:59 am
by delilush
Hi Everyone,

a new WME version is here with tons of features and bug fixes.

What’s inside?

* New restriction scheme - ENABLED, LIMITED RELEASE (please see the separate release notes for this here)
* Primary category: When clicking on a category it will set as the first category on the list. First place category in the list will become main category in category search (client). In the future, we’re planning to add the primary category icon to search results and are considering using the icon of the primary category for displaying places on the map. - ENABLED
* Allow parking lots to convert category. Parking related data will be lost in conversion. When adding new category parking lot category will be removed & vice versa. - ENABLED
* Updating possible values of parking lot payment type field to include Debit card, Permit, Membership, Prepaid, Parking app, Smartphone, SMS/Call, Electronic pass (in addition existing cash, checks, credit) - ENABLED
* Move opening hours more info tab to the top of the place panel - ENABLED
* External providers prefer local results in autocomplete and shows only valid establishments - ENABLED
* Autocomplete functionality for parking lot operator & gas station brand field - ENABLED
Disable editing of average speed cameras per country. Once this is live, we will go ahead and enter the right configuration for the relevant countries, so you shouldn’t see any change yet. - ENABLED
* ‘Ignore traffic’ checkbox for closures with changed copy (‘HOV/Service Road adjacent’) & tooltip (Use this checkbox if the closed segment(s) is next to an HOV/Service road. GPS may not be able to differentiate these segments and Waze will keep this segment closed even if movement is detected). For any closure being saved with marked a pop-up warning will be issued. - ENABLED
* Don’t show edited by when username is null - ENABLED
* Drag handle for area map comments - ENABLED
* Error when selecting edges of selected segment - FIXED
* Error in undo create roundabout - FIXED
* Unable to connect some non-drivable segments - FIXED
* Save fails when splitting/merging segment with restrictions - FIXED
* Time picker has no icons in Places - FIXED
* Calendar icon in event mode & places is not clickable - FIXED
* Overflowing content of feed messages - FIXED
* Wiki & forum links for Hebrew editor - FIXED
* Updated introduction video - AWESOME
* Internal fixes for stability
* New translations EDIT:please note that there was an issue with uploading the new translations. We're hoping to have a hotfix for this in the coming days.

Please make sure to take a look at the detailed release notes for the new restriction scheme posted here!

Happy editing!

Gas Station Names in New WME Version v.1.35-55

Posted: Sun Jul 30, 2017 8:40 pm
by NJMedic2535
From delilush's post:
* Autocomplete functionality for parking lot operator & gas station brand field - ENABLED
Now that the autocomplete is on you can no longer change the brand name to blank.

In some instances, at least in my area, "Unbranded" causes users issues when reporting gas prices or finding stations as it overrides the name field.