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New restriction scheme

Post by delilush
Updated on Aug 15

Hi everyone,

This is the separate post for the new restriction feature, as promised (: Other version updates can be found in the full release notes here

Very, very few words about the upcoming related client feature: In addition to the currently existing road restrictions, we are now adding functionality to take a more refined look at vehicle types (clean air vehicles), # of passengers & subscription passes (devices/stickers) for various lane types, such as HOV, HOT & Express Toll Lanes. This feature will help us to improve ETA and provide better navigation options for owners of road subscriptions, vehicle types and carpoolers. The client feature will start to be released over the coming weeks for individual countries.

What’s new in the editor & some editing pointers:

Changes in left panel:
  • Checkbox ‘Next to carpool/HOV/bus lane’ - This checkbox should be marked if a segment is next to a separated segment marked as HOV or bus lane and running parallel to it for an extended amount of time. This ensures GPS deviation is taken into account when creating ETA. This flag should not be marked on actual HOV roads.
  • Checkbox ‘Toll road’ - moved from the left panel to restrictions mode. This change was necessary to avoid data contradictions between toll attribute and payment restrictions when setting toll-free restrictions. You will continue seeing that a road is a toll-road on the side panel.
Opening restriction mode (without any restrictions defined):
  • Restrictions per road direction (A to B, B to A or both ways)
  • Toll road checkbox will now here
When adding a new restriction
  • Applies to: Entire segment, left lane, middle lane, right lane + None, Bus, Express, Fast, HOT, HOV. This information will be used for voice prompts.
  • Day of the week selection incl. select all/none
  • Range of hours incl. All day
  • Applies every week or date range
  • Driving is prohibited/allowed/toll-free for
    • Prohibited: Either All vehicles or only specified vehicle types (same types as before)
    • Allowed: When clicking on ‘+’ you can add a rule through drop-down selection. Each row is a rule. You can mix and match between the following criteria (up to 3 for each rule):
      • Vehicle type - when clicking on the buttons created, a dropdown appears & a vehicle type can be selected. Clean air vehicle is a new option here.
      • Minimum Passengers - min 2 passengers, min. 3 passengers, min. 4 passengers
      • Requires a pass - You will be able to select the name of subscription pass here if it was added on our servers.
    • Toll-Free: This means that a toll-road would become free according to the defined rule. Setting the rules works in the same way as ‘allowed’.
Restriction validation: Select at least 1 day, add at least 1 detail to the driving rule else we won’t submit the restriction and show the problems we found before saving.

Restrictions Summary (when restrictions are entered): Lane, Days, Time, Restriction type & rule
  • Rules can be deleted from the summary. When hovering over a restriction a trash can icon appears.
  • ‘i’ tooltip for toll-free setting - Vehicles must also meet all of the “Allowed” restrictions.

How should I map new special lane types?
  • If you cannot cross lanes (physically separated lane or separator line is solid/double lines) map as separate segment
  • If you can cross between lanes (separator line is dashed) map as one segment.
  • Checkbox ‘Next to carpool/HOV/bus lane’ - This checkbox should be marked if a segment is next to a separated segment marked as HOV or bus lane and running parallel to it for an extended amount of time. This ensures GPS deviation is taken into account when creating ETA. This flag should not be marked on actual HOV roads.
How should I map HOV lanes that alternate between long dashed and long solid lines?
  • Of course it's important to map as a separate segment when turn instructions are different between the HOV lane and the main lane.
  • If the majority of the HOV lane is separated, we'd recommend to map everything as a separate segment and use connectors between the main lane and the HOV lane. We'd recommend to use as few connectors as possible and to map them based on locations where drivers are likely to merge into/from HOV lanes. We need to see what the data tells us after a while to determine, if this really is the best way to map.
If we map an HOV lane on the same segment as the main lanes, will Waze be collecting separate speed data for the different lane types?
  • Yes! We will build 2 speed measurements during the restricted time. This will allow us to give different ETA for the options existing on the same segment.
How should I use the 'Next to carpool/HOV/bus lane' checkbox? What is the recommended distance?
  • For now it's best to use it only when HOV lanes are very close & run in parallel for an extended period to the main lane of the highway. This will help us separate ETA for segments that could potentially have confusing GPS signals.
  • As GPS signal strength can vary we cannot recommend a specific distance. If you're unsure whether a segment should be marked as 'Next to carpool/HOV/bus lane', please ask your community coordinator to get in touch with Waze Staff to consult.
  • A good indicator for using the 'Next to carpool/HOV/bus lane' checkbox, is seeing GPS points jumping back and forth between segments.
Should I add bus/taxi lanes in the city? Should I add them as the same or a separate segment?
We can only provide some guidelines for now. Once the we collect more data from the launched feature, we might be able to give more precise guidelines:
  • We don't advise to use this feature for now: In dense urban areas with many junctions in close proximity to each other and bus lanes that get interrupted through crossings frequently. As a guideline, if a segment is less than about 500 meters long, it may be hard for the algorithm to pick up on the different ETA.
  • If a bus/taxi lane is long enough, uninterrupted by a crossing for more than about 500 meters and seperated by a solid line it can be mapped as a separate segment
  • If turn instructions are different between bus/taxi lane and the main lane, it should be mapped as a separate segment. (e.g.: i can turn left from the main lane, but not the bus/taxi lane)
I want to add multiple conditions for an HOV lane that include AND & OR rules (i.e.: Lane is free for private cars holding a pass or 2+ HOV). Can i do that?
  • Yes! Essentially every line on the allowed or toll-free section represent an "AND" condition.
    Every row represents an "OR" condition.
How do the number of passengers in the restriction model fit in?
  • Vehicle type & subscription passes will be selected and set by the users in the app.
  • Number of passengers will be shown in the navigation preview and let the drivers decide if we fulfill this criteria. We don't expect users to enter possibly varying passenger numbers for every drive.
What happens when I select multiple segments?
  • Restrictions which apply to only some of the selected segments are grouped in a different table in the restrictions summary/
  • Hovering on such restriction will also show a "apply to all" button
What about turn restrictions?
  • The new UI is applicable for turn restrictions as well. However for now it doesn't support the new restriction types, such as subscriptions or number of passengers.
Toll-free vs. toll-road confuses me - help!
  • When the toll road checkbox is active, this means that the selected segment is a toll road without any exceptions, for all vehicles, at all times of the day. When it's active you can't set toll-free restrictions.
  • When setting toll-free restrictions, you can create exceptions for drivers who do not have to pay for using a toll road (e.g.: everyone on driving here has to pay, but if you have a minimum of 4 people in the car it's free) When adding a toll-free restriction, the toll road checkbox cannot be checked. There is a tool-tip pointing this out.
  • If you are setting a toll-free restriction, it automatically means that anyone and anytime not included under a toll-free restriction, pays a toll.
What about the toll-free rules when multiple segments are selected?
  • If one of the segments has a toll free restriction, the toll-road checkbox is disabled
  • If you use ‘apply all’, all toll-road checkboxes will become unchecked.
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We realize that this is a complex feature with a complicated release process. We're hoping that the documentation created so far will be helpful.

A big thank you to the WME beta community who is helping with feedback for this feature and raising important questions.

Thank you!

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Post by delilush
Please note that the above post was updated for the release on Aug 15.
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Waze Team
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Post by meb001
delilush wrote:Please note that the above post was updated for the release on Aug 15.
Got it, thank you very much
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