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New WME Version v1.37-42

Posted: Tue Aug 15, 2017 10:48 am
by delilush
Hi Everyone,

we just released a new WME version. Here is what's in it:

* You can now view & edit the new restriction mode in full - for more details please see this post. It was updated together with today's release.
* PUR: Wrong reason message for no permissions to review ad-locked PURs - FIXED
* External Providers: Added link to to External providers - ENABLED
* Restrictions: A -> B, B ->A directional issues when selecting multiple segments - FIXED
* Restrictions: Allow all directions in summary window regardless of directions allowed on the segment - FIXED
* Restrictions: add clean air vehicle type - FIXED
* Restrictions: double difficult turn checkbox on turns - FIXED
* Restrictions: copy & UI issues - FIXED
* Map Comment: Titel field Enter issue - FIXED
* Map Comment: Area map comment unable to be reshaped - FIXED 
* Places: When clicking on subcategory it should remove the parent category - FIXED
* Closures: Invalid time displayed for closures in the segment panel - FIXED
* Brands: Cannot leave Gas station brand EMPTY - FIXED 
* updated translations

Happy editing!