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These forums are specific to the Waze mobile app. Post here if you experienced a problem while using the app, have a question about the app functionality or a feature such as navigation or search.

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Motorola Atrix - sound issue

Post by iblesq
Recently I have a problem with Waze sound during the navigation. There is no sound at all. If during the navigation I receive the call suddenly I hear several words and that's it. Checked all settings, cleaned all application settings and data and even re-installed the application - up to three versions back - no fix, yet.
Anyone knows what is the root case and how I can fix it? Thanks!

My phone - Motorola Atrix 4G, Cyanogenmod 7.2, GB
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Post by moisesbites
I have a motorola defy with cyanogenmod 7.2 and Waze has a problem with pronunciation. Waze not ends the words. The last syllable is lost. For exemple, in portuguese "Vire à direita" (turn to right) is pronounced "Vire à direi...." (turn to ri...) the last syllabe is not pronounced. :?
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Post by Nacron
It may be related to the android software itself. There was a similar issue on the Epic 4G Touch on Sprint


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