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Clicking on a contact no longer starts navigation

Post by NWDreamerCB
Hi, I searched for the topic title but only found results where a couple of one-posters asked in the middle of some "friends" topic (and, naturally, weren't answered).

I've used Waze for many years, am a Royalty Wazer, but only use it for navigation. I don't use any "friends" features and I definitely don't use Facebook. Recently, when I click on an address in my Contacts, Waze starts, but the address doesn't get to Waze so it just sits there. I'm having to edit my contact, select the whole address, copy it, then go back to Waze, select the magnifying glass and paste the address in. This is a HUGE waste of time and something that I really can't do while driving (there's time at a stop light to click on a contact address - but not for this process!).

Just wondering what's going on with this and if it will be fixed soon since the primary function of a navigation device is to navigate, not yap with friends (and I believe that Waze is the best navigation device out there!).


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Post by NWDreamerCB
Thanks, but that does not seem to work for me. I have several contacts that are named #Temp 1 thru #Temp 9 that I change the addresses in when I need to go out of town to a place I won't be going to more than once. Then, I usually just click on the marker next to the address in Contacts and Waze opens up with the address already filled in ready to go (or at least having its route calculating). Now, when I click on the marker, Waze opens up but it looks just like when you start the program by itself. When I type in #Temp in the Waze search bar, none of them show up.

One other oddity that I noticed the last two days is when I need to stop during a long trip (like at a restaurant or to get gas). I used to be able to turn Waze off then, when I turn it back on, it would ask if I'm resuming my trip. That has also been flaky usually showing me the same start screen that you would see from an initial application start.

Yes, I've tried rebooting, etc., but that hasn't resolved anything.

Samsung Note 5 (Model SM-N920V)
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Post by NWDreamerCB
Thanks, I'll give that a try!
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Post by Informadom
Same behaviour hère! Very strange, waze just stopped initiating the navigation from clicking a contact address few days ago !
Very annoying, tried everything, reboot, clear cache, clear data, uninstall, reinstall ....still not working !

Nokia 8
Android 8.1
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Post by RandallGoetzSunny
Same here. Tried suggested, no luck. One day it worked, the next it didn't. Also does it on 2 different phones.

LG V10

Post by JasBoy69
Same here except i noticed it from the calendar not contacts
Note 8

I did the resetapp thing and it worked once then stopped again
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Post by mike20878
I am having the same problem on my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. I've clicked on addresses in other applications too and the same thing happens.

I have not had any problems with the resume function.
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Post by gh1951
Maybe it depends on the Android version? I am not sure, but as far as i remember this behaviour startet when i installed a ROM based on Android 8.0.
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Post by RussPA
It works for me in Android 10, sort of. I tap the address in a contact, it starts Waze and automatically searches for the address. It won't start navigation to that address, it just searches for it and the address appears first in the list, then I tap to navigate to it.

Do they have another map app set to start instead of Waze?
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