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New WME version v2.20-84

Post by delilush
Hi Everyone,

A new WME version is out, here is what’s in it:

* New Save Flow - ENABLED, YAY

In order to create a better save experience for the users, we are developed a new and improved save flow. This new flow includes improvement in performance and a user friendly UI.

* Fix save errors without losing all edits
* Better overview of what you are saving and grouped edits.
* Ability to do individual actions - when grouped there are dependencies and you won’t be able to undo an individual action in the middle of a chain of grouped edits.
* Full integration of regression checker
* No changes in Save flow for closures or house numbers

Known issues:
* Copy issues with capitalization
* Double Ctrl + S is not working
* Issues with pop up error message

These issues should be resolved in the coming version.

* Turn arrows stuck after House number mode save - FIXED
* Deprecation message for getAsync - FIXED
* Updates for GSV API
* Update translations
* Internal clean up

Happy Editing!
Waze Team
Waze Team
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Post by Ebi12i
very good.
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مدیراستان اصفهان و کردستان | مدیرمناطق 2 و 5 تهران

Post by BorhanRezaei
delilush wrote:Hi Everyone,

A new WME version is out, here is what’s in it:

* New Save Flow - ENABLED, YAY
Very thanks but where is download link :?:
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Post by Caus24
Thank you very much for this update, full of novelties! :D
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Post by GeekDriverPeaceful
It is acknowledged by Waze Staff. They are still working on a solution.
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