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Post by xfelix
I saw in the waze siri shortcut settings there's sound on/off command. Is it possible to expand this function to much wider 'OK waze' commands such as report police, traffic etc. ?
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Post by Xradeon
world_ae3l33ok wrote:Hello,

I have the same issue on BMW as Nissan Rogue owners. Apple maps and Google maps work well on CarPlay, but Waze loses GPS signal as soon as it is connected to CarPlay.

BMW with NBT - EVO (ID5)
Iphone SE (Ios 12.0.1)

I hope the 4.43.9 fixes the issue for me as well.

I'm having quite the same issue on my iPhone Xs running iOS 12.1 with Waze 4.44.1 on a 2013 BMW E82 (using 3rd party CarPlay adapter by Unichip).
Interface is gorgeous, everything is perfectly except for no GPS signal likely 50% of my travel time.

I've also just registered to beta program. Hope we see soon a fix (I purchased the CarPlay interface just for using Waze :D ).
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Post by yaronof
CAP2 wrote: Thu Jan 14, 2021 10:22 am Hi,

I have an issue with Waze on Carplay.

Sometimes, when I use Waze on Carplay, when opening the app from Carplay, the car is shown as if it was on a previous location ! As if Waze does not update the position or does not "wake up" against GPS...

I have to go on the phone, manually close the app, and then restart it to get my proper location.

On thing to mention, if I'm in this situation and I open the app on the phone, I see "Guest" as account, instead of my Waze Account

Any idea where it might come from ?

I experience the same problem almost every time I try to use Waze in my car with CarPlay. It’s extremely annoying!!! I have to shut down CarPlay in order to access Waze on my phone, wake it up manually and then turn CarPlay back on. EXTREMELY UNSAFE while driving. Why isn’t it possible to wake up Waze from CarPlay screen? Why does it ever go to sleep when CarPlay is  being used????
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Post by yer-maw
markc9503 wrote:I am using Waze with CarPlay in my Honda Clarity. Recently I have found that if Waze is running and I try to adjust the volume on the audio system I can only adjust the alert sound volume, not the overall system volume. If I close out Waze on the phone the issue goes away and I can control the volume normally. This is not the first time this has happened to me but it has been a while.

Does anyone know what to do about this?

I have done this by increasing the volume whilst Waze is reading out directions... give it a try.
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Post by yeshvanaken
Same here, Waze keeps showing me 12 km/h higher than actual car speed since 1/2 weeks.

this is particularly bugging because even if I’m at a within speed limits, Waze on CarPlay keeps sending alerts.

and I don’t want to turn alerts off.

iphone 6s, latest iOS, latest app update and carplay on latest Ford Fiesta.
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Post by yonathantzur1
The Waze app in Apple CarPlay suffers from a bug.
The screen becomes white blank when opening Waze app first time in a place with no GPS signals and to fix it, It requires to close the app manually from the iPhone and open it again after the signal is back.
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Post by youknowvictor
Hello, not sure if it is a bug or not, but using Waze with CarPlay on my Audi A5 MMI (2017), I couldn’t ever achieve to have sound alerts or instructions playing at the same time than my music or radio.
If I play music in carplay, no problem.
I tried with my iphone and carplay on a VW golf (2018) and waze’s sounds play throughout the radio, correctly mixed.

Any help will be appreciated
Kind regards.
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Post by youknowvictor
My bad, I found out the issue. Waze's sound instructions use the volume of the navigation instructions of the MMI, which I muted a very long time ago. Therefore, waze instruction were playing but muted. Everything works !
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Post by Zdogg-
I agree about the police reporting. 
All in all, I can confirm that I prefer to use my phone on a PHONE HOLDER in the car, compared to using Car Play on my Skoda Yeti Screen. Only because of the experience in CarPlay.

There would be no logic to prefer my phone on phone holder, since my phone's screen is more than 2 times smaller than my car's screen. 
But I really hate some of the CarPlay things.... like some buttons not being able to chose on screen, but having to rotate the knob button of my car.... for example to select the +/- zoom buttons, I need to rotate to the one I want and click the knob to confirm instead of just simply being able to press on the screen.... And I remember that this change happened in the past, when I was still with Samsung/Android. And before when I rotated the knob, the function was direct zoom in/zoom out and after some update, it changed to selecting/highlighting the buttons and having to press for confirmataion...

Another thing is, I see a police car. Or I want to report something else. So first I see it. I may have already rotated the knob to stay selected on the report button, because this itself is a big distraction and time consuming.... I need to confirm. When I confirm, I need to select what I want to report, and based on the situation, confirm the details. This whole procedure usually takes enough time for me to have passed already what I wanted to report, and when I am able to confirm everything, the report on map is usually some distance after the thing itself.
In my opinion, when you report something, it should save the location of pressing the report. And once you confirm everything, might be even later depending on the driving situation, it should put the report on the position you first pressed the report button, not the position you confirm at the end everything. 

Another main reason I hate using the app in car play was that at one moment I had problem with the voice to text... I had many saved addresses/stars. All I need is to chose the one I need to go. If I have a person next to me and he wants to chose the address while I drive, after few scrolls it stops and doesn't let you... for my safety... So I cant use voice, I cant scroll to the address, somebody needs to type it to work  :D :roll:
At the end of the day, I feel much more easier to hold my phone even and press the voice to text, say the address and have no issues or complications with the process.... Or I feel much easier to report something on my tiny small screen than using my car's big screen...... That's definitely not a good experience for me with CarPlay. And it's not just with Apple, because on my previous Samsung/Android, I remember I experienced similar/other issues that just made me prefer using the phone directly instead connected to my car.

I imagine a lot of the issues might be coming from google, since they are pioneers on "safety", specially during driving.... But I do wish and hope you can somehow improve on the app and let us even prefer it. Just let everyone agree on taking their own responsibility for their safety and the safety of others, and give us if not more, the same options we have with using only the phone. 
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