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Waze stops background audio on Android Head Unit

Post by Cerealasaurus
Good evening everyone - hope you're all enjoying your New Years Eve as 2019 rapidly approaches!

I've just run into an issue where any sound from the Waze app entirely stops background audio (i.e. use of turn by turn voice navigation). Same issue occurs on multiple Android head units. Disabling Waze audio allows for background music to continue playing.

Google Maps navigation does not have this issue - background volume is lowered as navigation directions are provided.

Anyone experienced the same issue, or has a workaround in mind?

Thanks in advance!

Post by G_W1Z
In the app go to settings then sound and voice then advanced and sound output. Select play as Bluetooth call and your music will lower when receiving Waze instructions. It won't entirely mute the music.
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Post by world_j77z39p5
Waze completely stops any other applucation that uses sound output on my head unit. So you cannot navigate whil listening to music.
I have had to switch to Google maps as this is mot affected by this bug.
Worked fine until today. No idea why it stopped. I was playing a USB stick and navigating with waze when the music stopped. Nothing I can do let's me usexany other app.
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