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New WME Version v2.36-206

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Hey all,

Here are the log changes for this new version:

Changes in UI:
*Toolbar buttons moved to map
Untitled presentation (2).png
*New Design for location pin icon
Untitled presentation.png
*Layer switcher opens even if the mouse is not on top of the button - FIXED
*External Provider box hangs when no results are found (community b/133809200) - FIXED
*Incompatible is empty & name attributes for new street (community b/133809202) - FIXED
*Resizing the toolbar makes the trash and reload buttons overflow the toolbar - FIXED




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Post by Inactive user -1649923503-
Appears to be on NA too
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Post by aamazotr
On the ROW server they are not counting the edits.
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Post by age4670
G_W1Z wrote:This has happened to me for some time. I haven't taken the time to experiment, but I wonder if it is due to a script conflict or bug.
I'm going to say no, but anything's possible. I've been doing quite a few in the last couple of weeks and have only had the problem since the WME update.
G_W1Z wrote:I am frequently experiencing road names showing as "non-existent streetid" when I either select them or hover my mouse over them. This happens with all scripts/extensions disabled. A hard refresh of WME fixes it, but only temporarily.
Yes, quite annoying. Have had this for quite some time. Have you tried just reloading the road data? That usually fixes for me.
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Post by AndyLaode
this morning, i experience it too
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andylaode (
okay, mate, see you on the road and on the map too, cheers

Post by BTStar
velezss wrote:Hi,

Edits that I have made in the past hours are not counting.
Same, I'm on the INTL server.

I have done a couple of segment and place changes as well as closing a UR and a couple of PURs. Only the UR count has increased by one, which doesn't affect edit count anyway.

Happy to wait, probably need to do some work anyway :D
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Post by CreekOfJohn
Clicking on a User Report no longer opens the detail box.
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Post by denysdgcf
GFM_Danny wrote:something wrong with WME? :shock:

not a single edit point is given for editing... zero..
editing place (new place or existing) = zero edit point
editing segmen (add new street or existing) = zero

some one else face the same issue?
The same problem occurs in Brazil.
Editing places from app doesn't count edits either.
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