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New Coordinators for growing communities in Asia

Post by Ottolenga
Hi everyone!

I hope you are all doing well, hopefully safe and at home

I'd like to share an update with you,
We recently had a very good initiative from JTRIANA77 to start building a community in Mongolia!
In a very short time he set up a discord channel and started gathering volunteers to edit there.
After careful evaluation, and being JTRIANA77 the main point of contact with HQ for Mongolia, we decided to grant him the coordinator role for Mongolia.
Previously, Fermario73 started doing a very similar effort for Vietnam, Myanmar and Laos.

As much as we appreciate the interest and the initiative to grow new communities far from our own country, I'd like to highlight the fact that the long term mission is to build the grounds for an independent local community, managed by local editors.

If anyone else is interested in helping build a community, please get in touch with me.

Thank you
Best wishes
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Post by kahlcolimon
Congratulations Alonso. Count on the Colombian Coordination for what you need. Our experience is at your disposal.

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Post by mincho77
Congratulations Triana, there is no better way to do the hard job, giving the Mongolia the good tools you know to improve the map. We hope you do it in the right way. Putting the spark on the local people an then letting them fly just like you always do it here.
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Post by JTRIANA77
Thank you Tamar for the trust and help in strengthening this great community, I am sure that in the end everything will be for the benefit of the Waze Mongolia community
:arrow: Gracias Tamar por la confianza y la ayuda en el fortalecimiento de esta gran comunidad, estoy seguro de que al final todo será para el beneficio de la comunidad de Waze Mongolia
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Congratulations and continue to contribute to the growth in the Mongolian Community, successes in the new role of Coordinator.
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Felicidades a mi mentor por este nuevo Rol, me tocará cambiar el nombre con TRIANA a HEN-HIZ-KAN
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Post by AngelicaBenedetti
Felicitaciones Alonso,
Sabemos que aplicarás correctamente tu conocimiento para el crecimiento de la comunidad de Mongolia, espero que tu labor de mentoria sea muy aprovechada por los locales, nuevamente felicitaciones

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Post by aamazotr
Felicitaciones a Fermario y a Triana por esta gran iniciativa que también trae una gran responsabilidad.

Un abrazo.
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Post by MaFeQuiLo
Felicitaciones JTRIANA77 por ese nuevo cargo en la Comunidad de Mongolia, muchos éxitos.
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