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Passing of A. J. Ross - Ituajr

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It is with an extremely heavy heart that I regret to inform the community of the passing of ituajr, affectionately known amongst the Waze Australia community as AJ, at the age of 73 in hospital.

AJ started editing with Waze in 2011. AJ was an incredibly active member of the Waze Australia community, collecting 2,600,763 driving points, 667,436 edits, and 4,164 forum posts. His community-minded spirit enjoyed helping people, he was always accessible, had a passion for logic and debate, backed with a quick wit and wonderful sense of humour.
  • In March 2018, his long-standing efforts helping the community were rewarded with his promotion to Country Manager.
  • In Oct 2018, AJ stepped up to the plate of Australian Coordinator and promoted to level 6, with the resounding support of the active Australian editors asking for him to lead us.
  • In May 2019, he was welcomed into the most elite group of Waze editors and recognised experts, becoming a Global Champ.
His wife Ursula, relayed the following:
He really enjoyed his involvement in the Waze Community and while in hospital he asked me to pass on his very best wishes to all for the future.
It has been on honour and absolute privilege to have known, and worked with him, and I offer my deepest sympathies to his wife Ursula, his daughter Lee, friends, and his fellow editors during his difficult time. He will be greatly missed.

Some of you might remember AJ teaching us about trap streets? As a valued and long-standing member of our community, the Waze community managers have agreed to memorialise AJ into our map with a trap street named after him and locked to level 7, so years from now people will know of AJ and his contributions. You can find Ituajr Place, the trap street, in a neighbourhood in his city.

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RIP AJ. The loss will be felt by not only the Australian community, but globally too.
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I also want to express my condolences to the Australian community and AJs family.

My thoughts are with you during this difficult time.
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This is shocking to hear indeed.
May his soul rest in peace. Our hearts are with AJ's family and the AU community.
Sending a strong hug,
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Sad day indeed.
We frequently chatted about Oceania country matters.
You will be remembered fondly.
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My condolences to AJ's friends and family. I'm very sorry to hear of this news.
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My condolences to friends and family, may God be with all of you at this very sad moment.
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Very sad to receive this message. My condolences to to the Australian Waze Community and, especially, to his family and friends.
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My sincere condolenses to the family and the Waze community, may he R.I.P. :cry: :cry: :cry:
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Prayers for the family and friends with the loss of one of our own. An amazing editor who brought so much to the Waze community.
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