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The Booster Badge

Post by Ottolenga
Hi Everyone!

Our new community booster badge is your way to know who is a booster in the forum. Here it is:
Booster Badge.png
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Hope you like it! :D

Tamar and Hezi on behalf of the Communities Team
Waze Team
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Post by JTRIANA77
woodvale wrote:How do you modify the size of the image so it's the same size as the other badges? I've tried including the link to the image in my signature and it's at least 10 times the size of the others!
In photoshop you can modify both the background and size of the image
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Post by iainhouse
I have an ongoing discussion around the other recent new badges for the number of forum posts (for example). I have requested that Waze make them available in sensible sizes on some form of shortened URL so that we can use them directly in signatures (which have a limited size in characters), without having to set up our own individual image hosting. Hopefully they will sort something out :)
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Post by fermario73
Excellent, I like the community booster badge
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Post by rdnnk
Got it, thanks :)
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Post by jkl5
looks great 8-) thx
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