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WME beta + Localizers - Beta and Production differences

Post by Nickyaug
Hi all,

I hope you are all doing great. :)

We're making some changes to how translations are updated to WME in order to be able to update translations quicker and more effectively on our end. We wanted to inform you how we're planning to change the logic and how this will affect you.

How translations are deployed to WME now:

Any newly translated string in WME will first be deployed to beta as part of a beta release. Once we deploy a version to production, the same translations will be updated in production.

What we are changing:

New translations may be deployed with any version release (beta or production). This means that in a few cases we can have more up to date translations on Production than we have in our Beta or the opposite.

For example:
1 - We just deployed a beta version.
2- You make a change in a new or existing string in WME.
3- We deploy WME to production.
4- The new translation will be visible in production, but not in beta.
5- We deploy a new beta version. Now you will see the new translation in beta as well.

This change is not live yet. We will let you know when it is live. When you see this change in behavior, please remember that this is the intended behavior and should not report it as a bug.

Important information for localizers: For this migration we will need to create new resources for the WME strings, it means that we will be able to migrate existing translations but we won't be able to move screenshots, translator instructions and comments from the current resources to the new ones.
We will keep the current resources so if you need to check it or to move any comment it will be there.

This migration will be for WME only.

Please let me know if you see any issue with these changes in the flow and do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

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On your marks! Steady! Ready!...
Spanish Latam localizers waiting for changes... :-)
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