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Klatovy Unlock request

Post by world_e24dyyhz
Hi Editors,

I would like to be able to edit the following segment(s).

Please note the current tag displays the owners name. Therefore, it violates owner privacy! Please remove entire area - its private property!

I opened service ticket #1-4338000031028.

Thank you

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Thank you in advance,

Post by Grepa
Ahoj, vítám tě ve CZ/SK Fóru Waze

Požadavek na aktualizaci Místa může zadat i nižší editor přímo. Viz souběžné vlákno Fóra :)
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Post by Bew1One
No, mně osobně by zajímalo, co je na názvu daného místa špatně, když se tak jmenuje a jde najít "všude". To je nějaký pokus o trolení?
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Post by world_505wdnqa
This is a private residence.The owner has not consented to disclosure. I therefore believe this is in direct violation of EU GDPR regulations and perhaps other laws. If it is not removed without further delay, the matter will be turned over to legal counsel for them to handle.
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Post by GinBook

Please describe and justify the GDPR violation. This hotel can be found on the web. The name of the hotel is well known. The hotel is registered in the register of companies.
This is not private data.


What is wrong?
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Post by world_505wdnqa

The place is not listed as hotel. You can check the cadastre to verify that.

The tag was removed.

Thank you.
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