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Thank you to our community! Waze Wins at the Stevie Awards

Posted: Thu Apr 29, 2021 4:09 pm
by delilush
Hi Everyone,

We hope you are all doing well during these turbulent times and that you and your families are thriving and healthy. We truly can't wait to see you all again. While the past year has been challenging to many, it was important for us to share the following piece of recognition Waze & its community members have received.

We're excited to announce Waze has taken home Silver at the coveted 2021 American Business Awards (Stevie's)! These are the top businesses awards in the US, and honor the achievements and positive contributions of organizations globally.

Waze has been recognized in the "Most Valuable Corporate Response" category for its COVID-19 response program! And we couldn't have done it without you, our wonderfully supportive community. You can find all details on the ABA website, but we wanted to share some of our favorite judges comments with you right here:
  • Hands down, my favorite entry for this category! I love that the Waze team pivoted its business to help out where it normally might not focus its workforce. Adding food banks to the app was a genius move. I love the coverage that you got from this and all the activities that you did for COVID! Kudos!!
  • Waze has done a great job during these difficult times!
  • With people off the roads during the pandemic, Waze customized their map to share local testing center information, emergency food distribution location, and even where to shop local and "pick up" orders. Waze saw an opportunity to use their interface to assist people during the pandemic and that is a Valuable Corporate Response.
Again, we want to thank you for helping us support Wazers around the world by keeping our map updated and pushing us to get important local messages out to our drivers.

Daliah on behalf of the Waze Communities Team