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street name change in Ferndale WA

Post by usa_iu5mv2a8
Whatcom County changed the name of my street and gave me a new house number. Now my address shows up "in a pond". The street sign has been changed to reflect the new name but map apps do not recognize the change. How can I have Waze update this change? My packages are being mis-delivered or do not show up at all. Is it possible to submit this change request privately?

Post by NJMedic2535
You can make the street name change and adjust the house numbers via the Waze editor yourself (happy to help guide you).

You can share that street name and the house number information here and I'll make the fix.

You can send me a direct message as well and provide the information.

After we make the fix we'll need to wait a few days for it to reach the live environment and then you'll have to remove all instances of said address from your apps history/saved/favorite/home/work locations and search again to refresh the data on your device. And, of course, this will only affect Waze. Neither Waze Staff nor us volunteer editors have any special influence at Google Maps, but there is a process to submit update requests there.
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