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Welcome to the Revamped Waze Communities Forum!

Posted: Tue Jun 08, 2021 4:31 pm
by shirapashu
Hi All and WELCOME to the Revamped Waze Communities Forum!

The moment has finally arrived! The community has been asking for so long, and after almost a year of planning and development, it’s time to unveil your new, revamped forum. Now, we’re happy to introduce the end result of all of your feedback, and the beginning of a new era for the Waze Communities!

First, we’d like to start with A BIG THANK YOU to the community!
  • From the very beginning of this project, we polled members from different countries to understand what’s important to you, and what you would like to see in the new forum. 
  • 250 community members volunteered to test the new forum and it was so helpful!
  • During the last few months we’ve released 2 beta versions, which gathered over 200 feedback items including bugs, UI/UX requests, and suggestions.

What have we done in the past year?
  • UI/UX Improvements: The look and style of the forum is much more modern and relevant, and features a new Wazey design. We’ve created new forum icons and have revamped the forum badges.
  • Launched the new App Launcher, which lets you easily access, navigate and switch between Waze apps.
  • Better mobile support.
  • Forum email notifications have also been updated with a nice, clean look, and have been translated to a broad range of languages.
  • Improved Forum infrastructure.
  • Upgrade to the latest phpBB version, with full content migration. 

Added Forum enhancements based on existing PhpBB extensions: 
  • WYSIWYG Keyboard: Now you don't HAVE to use bbcode anymore to format a post, add links, upload images etc.
  • Best Answer: Allows moderators to mark a post as the "Best Answer", which will then be quoted in the first post.  We also still have"Topic Solved" that allows moderators and the post creator to mark a post as the "Topic Solved", which will then be quoted in the first post and will have a green V on the post.
  • Mention a User: You can write @delilush on a post and the user will get a notification email and a notification in your profile icon.
  • Topic Preview: Displays a short excerpt of text from the first and last post in a tooltip while the mouse hovers over a topic’s title. 
  • Lightbox Images:  Galleries mode applied automatically to all images inside a single topic.
  • Advanced BBCode Box: Customizable icon-based BBCode toolbar.
  • Quoted Image as Thumbnail: Shrinks quoted images down to a height of 100 pixels while maintaining the aspect ratio. It only works with linked images.
If you want to learn more about the new forum and see a demo, watch the last episode of Office Hours on the Forum revamp. 

How to Report an Issue:
If you encounter any bugs or issues, or have a great idea for a feature request, please fill out this TRIX.
**The Trix will be open Until July 8th, 2021. After that, we’ll update where you can submit bugs/feature requests that are related to the forum.

Visit the Upgraded Forum Feedback.

Pending Tasks:
  • Our UI/UX teams are working to bring you a better user experience and improvements to the User Profile Page and User Control Panel. We’ll keep you updated on its progress.
  • We are still updating the Language Packs, so all languages may not be completely loaded at launch.
  • Mention to a user isn't working- Will be fix in the upcoming days.
  • Email notifications for private message isn't working-Will be fixed in the upcoming days.
Last but not least, we are planning to continue to invest development effort into making sure the Communities Forum is the best place to collaborate and stay connected with each other. We have future plans for better search and chat implementation.

THANK YOU again for your ongoing feedback and patience!  

All the best,

Shira, on behalf of the Communities Team