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What’s a month look like for one Global Champ and Coordinator?

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I’ve had the privilege to hold the role of coordinator for a year now, and just over 6 months as a Global Champ representing Australia. Reflecting on the past year, I’ve realised that most of the work I do tends to be behind the scenes, so I thought I’d take this opportunity to address what many of you might be asking, “what is he even doing!?”

So, I thought it might be interesting to share with you what crosses my desk, and the tasks I do each month for our Australian Waze Community. Here we go!  :D
  • General
    • I am talking to staff almost every day about projects, initiatives, bugs, and concerns. There are some minor projects bubbling away in the background for Australia that we haven't announced yet. You'll find out when they're ready :)
    • Whenever the opportunity presents itself, I am regularly talking to staff to help them see and understand the editor's perspective. It is easy to forget when you're not using WME daily.
    • I get a lot of emails, perhaps about 30-40 a day, from lots of people and systems. Most I can mark as read while others need some sort of action. Often, I have to ask for input from the rest of our leadership team and come back to.
    • Investigating and responding to complaints. We rarely get these, but we owe it to the community to ensure these are handled fairly to all parties.
    • Occasionally, the community reports problems with WME or the app. Global Champs are in a privileged position of being able to create a “SOS” to alert staff of urgent issues. This month we’ve had a lot of closure issues for example. You can read more about SOS here: ... nators/sos
    • We receive news and announcements from Waze. I post these in #announcements on the Waze Australia Discord server, and when I remember, on the forums too. I like to make it easy for you, so I will often convert the time zones and gather other resources for you too. Announcements we make that are generic also get pushed to other Waze Discord servers to help other communities.
    • I have "feelers" out in lots of different places, from the forums to multiple Discord servers, looking for changes, problems, news and "cool things" that I think might be relevant to Australia. You'll often see me post news on Discord I have found in some dark corner that I think people might enjoy or be relevant. Sometimes, I can only share it with state/country managers or our champs.
    • I make quite an effort to network and mingle with as many people as I can. It sounds weird initially, but consider that there are so many experienced Wazers out there from champs, time long editors and script developers that have amazing knowledge/experiences to share with us. A lot of the time, problems we encounter have already been solved by other communities, and it's just a matter of talking to the right person to see how they solved it. Other Wazers are also cool people!
    • I also work hard to represent our Australian editing community. I do this in public and private Waze forums, and in Discord (mostly private channels). I'm also known to lurk in Slack sometimes (hisss!). When we have a win or do something cool, I share our wins with others. It's very rewarding to hear other communities talking about what Australia is doing - and trust me, they do.
    • This week I represented Australia at the online Waze Global Champs Mega Meetup. It was a 3.5 hour session working to solve global Waze problems, and have some fun at the same time. Like most of these sessions though, it started at 1am for me.
    • I was privileged this week to join GBSpeedy1305 in a focus group with a Google research team to share our experiences on disasters in Australia.
    • In coordination with the other champs, we recently recommended someone for a new role Waze is creating. It is great to be able to recognise people doing excellent work in our community! More on that later.
    • I'm working with the Crisis Team to commence the roll-out of COVID testing centres on the map in Australia. Still a work in progress. Keep in mind, please do not add any "COVID-19" related places to the map:
    • I am slowly ticking boxes on our plan for 2021. At the start of the year, the champs prepared a list of goals, ideas, and strategies we wanted to achieve. We’re about halfway there.
  • Reviewing data:
    • I review high volume reports to look for instances of abuse, you can read about it here: ... ume-alerts
    • Every month I process raw data that comes from Waze and generate reports on what our editing community is doing, how well we are doing it, and what we need to improve on. Vestigal and I recently gave a presentation on this topic at the "EMEA & APAC Online Mega Meetup" and made recommendations to Waze on what they can do to improve. You can watch it here:
    • The presentation took about a week of work. Making it even tricker, poor Vestigal was in the middle of moving house at the time! It was worth it though, because Australia received a huge amount of positive feedback from Waze staff, and generated chatter in other communities around the world.
    • I'm working with staff to find new datasets to help us better understand the community. We're working on some new reports now, which has involved the Waze legal team to make sure privacy is protected. Waze and Google are super serious about this!
  • Country Management
    • I liaise with country and state managers on concerns and queries, and offer guidance and advice where it is sought.
    • Work with state managers to determine new area managers in their states. Once all parties are happy, the other champs and I apply them through a management interface.
    • Implement text-to-speech changes. Sometimes the Waze voice doesn't get it right. Editors make suggestions to override the pronunciation used in the Waze app. These are reviewed and applied by coordinators through a management interface.
    • I help out level 4 editors by creating new cities requested in Discord. Sometimes cities need to be merged, so the other champs and I apply them through a management interface.
    • Communicate with editors not following the rules, issuing warnings and sadly, issuing bans and locks (my least favourite thing to do). All Local Champs in Australia share this role.
    • When I have time, I tend to all outstanding threads in the AU Unlocks Forum (viewforum.php?f=406) to see if anything is needed. When I remember, I also trawl through the state channels in Discord to action any outstanding unlocks. More often though, our wonderful state/country managers and fellow editors have already dealt with most issues. Thanks awesome peps!
  • New Editors:
    • Support the new editor engagement program we run in Australia. TerritoryKate leads the program, but she needs a fresh list of new editors to reach out to each month which comes from the monthly reports I generate.
    • I reach out to numerous editors every month who have done exceptionally well editing to thank them for their contributions. One of my favourite jobs! :)
    • Mentoring is the responsibility of every state/country manager, senior editor and champ in Australia. It is a requirement now to become a level 4 editor here. Sometimes you'll see me in the Discord #mentoring channel, but I prefer private chat. I find one-on-one mentoring particularly effective.
    • I have been exploring a Waze Masterclass for Australia. Check out this awesome example by a UK Local Champ, Ianinessex: It would be hard to do better, but I would like to try and add more. (Shhh! Don't tell Brett).
    • I have been experimenting with 30 second, voiceless tutorials on core Waze Editing Skills for beginners. Check out what is there so far:
    • Mapping Standards and New Features
    • Waze is regularly introducing new features, and usually in multiple stages. While it would be awesome to open these features up to everyone and let loose, there is a lot of consideration and testing that needs to go into the long-term planning and a successful implementation across a country. I am extremely fortunate and appreciative to have other managers such as GBSpeedy1305 leading the testing and research on these. Initial drafts of mapping standards are underway, but we are waiting for bug fixes, new versions, and new stages from Waze before testing is complete.
  • Social Media
  • Discord
    • I moderate the Waze Australia and Global Discord servers. Though this involves very little effort from me, again, Wazers are awesome peps!
  • Editing
    • When there is time left over, I like to jump into WME and do some editing. There’s a lot of satisfaction that comes from dividing a complex road or reviewing routing on major intersections. Getting back to the core of what we do is still incredibly satisfying.
This was a snapshot of Wazey tasks that crossed my desk this past month. Every month is different. I am not alone though: there’s a team of champs, country and state managers also working to better the Australian community in different ways and levels. I'm really proud of this community, what it has accomplished and how despite our small size, we still turn heads when we do cool things!

I hope you found this interesting, and hopefully excited for things to come.  :D
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