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Fuel prices

Post by PJ_Aitken
Will it ever be possible for map editors to update fuel prices?

I'm seeing a lot of reports of wrong prices, but my only option is to reject them :roll:
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Post by iainhouse
It's been asked before but never allowed by Waze. I would guess that the feeling is that newer editors would massively abuse it for points - and if it was restricted to high-level editors it would seem unfair.

In addition, this is mainly an app/user problem. Every user who reports an incorrect price via UR was presumably at the petrol station so should have just corrected it themselves. That's probably down to the app not making it clear - but then my opinion has always been that Waze provides great routing by means of a pretty awful app.

Waze HQ are talking to us about the possibility of finding a data source for fuel prices that meets the appropriate usage conditions. If that ever happens, it might be our best hope.
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