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Thank You to Waze HQ from a script writer

Posted: Mon Jul 26, 2021 7:49 pm
by iainhouse
The Angry Champ logo in my signature is pretty accurate - I often feel I have a lot to complain about.

Today, I want to do the opposite. :mrgreen:
Yesterday's update to WME FixUI was prompted by some changes in the data model of Beta WME - the thing that allows scripts to interact with and control WME. One of the changes affected my Disable scroll-to zoom function by removing the control that affects the scroll wheel from the Beta WME model. This is a function that, frankly, affects very few users. It was requested specifically by users of Apple Magic Mice and is probably not used by many others. In addition, only 1 other script used the control.

Yesterday afternoon, I posted about the missing function in the private Scripter's Hall sub-forum, where script writers interact with HQ about various changes. Within 1 hour, I had a reply from HQ saying they would look into it. Within 24 hours, a hotfix had been released for Beta WME that re-added the control to the data model.

I cannot stress too highly how pleased I am with this. Whatever I may complain about, this clearly demonstrates that Waze HQ do have a real commitment to working with the script authors and will make an effort to work with us to keep our scripts running.

So the next time a WME Update breaks some scripts, please remember this: the problems are far less than they used to be, thanks to HQ's help. There's no way they can anticipate how every change they make to their editor might possibly affect all the weird stuff we do to it. :lol:

When the breakages do happen, it's also partly our fault. I don't use Beta WME very often, so if someone hadn't pointed out a problem to me, WME FixUI would have broken on the next production release. I admit that I don't test enough in Beta WME, so sometimes I miss a change I could have adapted to.

It's also up to us, as script writers, to engage with HQ. This episode demonstrates that the result can be quick and helpful.  :mrgreen: