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New Editor version, v2.84-4

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Hi Everyone,

Hope you're doing well.

A new WME version has been released, v2.84-4 with exciting updates and implemented community suggestions :!:

-Update instructive videos in WME practice mode- ENABLED

-Node is snapped to the JB edge during the split of the entrance/exit segment- FIXED.   Forum post. Community bug number: 189153554

-Add pending status to unsaved Events- ENABLED

-Update the save button style (change of shape)- ENABLED

-Turn instruction pop-up shows "0" instructions when instructions are present (specific language)- FIXED.  Forum post. Community bug number: 191914066

-List of languages contains a lot of "fake" English- FIXED. Community bug: 193933281 Forum post 

-Roadshields: Enrich edit history of turn guidance- ENABLED 

-Separate alternative name from address interface- ENABLED . (This change has been done in preparation for new upcoming capabilities) 

-Lanes: enable saving 1 lane. (This change has been done in preparation for new upcoming capabilities)

-Area Manager layer opacity change- ENABLED. This change is due to many communities reporting the AMs not being transparent enough.

-Layers reset after refreshing- FIXED. Community bug: 196795878. Forum post

Placeholders to preview: new design ... IFyZwYF=s0

Alternative name: ... 9XWCk_k=s0

Pending status to unsaved Events ... 2rTRnRr=s0

And 4 Community suggestions implemented!

*Roadshields: Allow easy search by letter in the dropdown menu of RS for streets- ENABLED 

*Add a one-click-away-button to the TBS footer element to access Snapshot mode- ENABLED 

*WME logo should not be a link- ENABLED

*Roadshields on turns: enrich edit history- ENABLED ... vXsGeZk=s0

Roadshield History: ... Ij6tHR4=s0

To take into account: You might notice that permalinks have different zoom level values. This is a change done in preparation for a new exciting update ... AkBfcdq=s0

Let us know what you think!


Post by G_W1Z
When editing the address of a place, you used to be able to tap Enter on the keyboard to apply the changes and close that pane. Now, the enter key does not do that. 
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Post by juliansean
After this mornings update I am no longer able to do any editing from my phone as the save button is gone. 
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Post by jaywazin
Phone version.jpg
(11.3 KiB) Downloaded 425 times
This is the phone version (above, Android)

Vs is the desktop version (below, Win10)
Desktop version.png
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No save button, or other tools in the phone version - "Search location" occupies the whole top bar, other than the notifications icon.

Seems to be an issue with responsive design, if I take a desktop screen 1024 x 768, the toolbar is fine, if the window is sized smaller, such as to 800 x 600, the exact same issue occurs.
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Post by johnsninja58
Save button missing/hidden also persists in iOS Chrome. This is impacting senior editors helping others with mobile unlocks/locks.
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Post by BeastlyHaz
Thanks for changing the process of adding and removing alternate names to a segment. It is much more user friendly and more efficient to make changes, especially for segments with many alt names.

There is just an issue currently where if you click the plus button, then cancel, then click delete on an alt name, the animation of it disappearing but it's not actually removed from the list. You have to click remove a second time for it to be deleted. See screen recording below.

Also the changes made to the events UI really help to keep track of events when the list is really long, like in my city.

Overall really great and much needed changes made in this update.
EDIT: I have posted the bug in the beta WME forum
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Post by GFM_Danny
juliansean wrote: Wed Aug 25, 2021 6:53 pm After this mornings update I am no longer able to do any editing from my phone as the save button is gone. 

yes..same issue. on 2 phone platform (IOS & Android). Save button in gone. i have tried on some phone browser like safari, chrome etc
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Post by jm6087
world_tn800aaj wrote: Sun Aug 29, 2021 1:09 pm How to edit in waze , any one know me cause my area the road are not match  :|

Can you tell us where you need to edit at (city, state, country), so we can get you in touch with your regional editing community?
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Post by kumiankka
If you add more alt names than you need because you, for example, accidentally double clicked the plus sign, it's no longer possible to delete extra alt names one by one, and saving is not possible when there are empy alt name fields. The only way out is to press cancel, which will cancel them all, including the ones you would like to keep.
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