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[Action Required] How to fix Toll Computation for Multiple Toll Sections within a Matrix

Post by bedo2991
If you happen to have this kind of problem  in your country (in short: A->B, then toll free, then C->D being computed as A to D instead A->B + C->D) , now you can fix it by changing your matrix configuration files.
  1. Open your file.
  2. Go to Tolls > Entry-exit matrix 
  3. Change "each section is entry or exit" to true (ex: User drives A->B->C. If enabled, user billed A->B and B->C, if not enabled only A->C)
  4. Save the file
  5. Let your Darth Vater upload it to production
I would recommend enabling this flag on all matrix files, I don't think that it ever makes sense the way it was working before.
If you have any further question, please let me know.
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