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Unlock request in , California  Topic is solved

Posted: Thu Sep 09, 2021 6:43 am
by heli2reg
Hi Editors,

I would like to be able to edit the following segment(s).
Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Permalink: ... s=63519052
Reason: I'm a local resident and very familiar with this area plus ongoing construction until March of 2022.
Unlock to level: 2 (This segment is locked. You need to be a level 2 or Connected Citizens Partner to edit this segment.)

Many segments of Orcutt Rd are 25mph and construction zone at this time. 

In addition, I have a question regarding this section of Spanish Oaks Drive: ... s=63519083

Due to road construction on most Eastern Part of Tank Farm Rd, right before it intersects with Orcutt Rd, many motorists are navigating through the neighborhood and Spanish Oaks Dr. I was wondering if it is appropriate for the time of the construction and road closure on Tank Farm Rd, to temporarily insert an "artificial" road closure on Tank Farm Rd so that non local people will be routed around the area on main roads rather than the neighborhood? - Appreciate the help and guidance on this.  

Thank you in advance,

Re: Unlock request in , California

Posted: Thu Sep 09, 2021 8:29 pm
by heli2reg
Thank you for taking the time and responding in detail - it really helps a lot. Much appreciated!

Re: Unlock request in , California

Posted: Thu Sep 09, 2021 7:14 pm
by tonestertm

The segment in your first link, along with a couple of neighboring ones, has been downlocked for the speed limit updates.  We can adjust the speed limits on Tank Farm when it reopens and Orcutt closes for the next stage of roundabout construction. We hope you'll still be around to readjust these once things go to the new normal, after the roundabout opens.  :)
The broad answer to your question about the "artificial" road closure is that this is virtually never done.

When we find, through careful examination, that Waze is unduly sending unwarranted amounts of traffic through somewhere it shouldn't, we usually look for other methods of discouraging Waze from routing through, before we would institute such a false closure, because there are typically undesirable side effects to dropping Road Closures in willy-nilly,

As it currently stands, Waze does not prefer Spanish Oaks as a way of getting around the Tank Farm closure for anything except routes originating in the immediate vicinity of the neighborhood. It's just too "slow", so there would be no (or extremely minimal) practical benefit to such a closure. See, for example, Waze Live Map routing here. I have entered a persistent Road Construction alert for the location so that users approaching the area will receive an Alert in the app. 

Thanks for your post, please feel free to ask any further questions