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GBSpeedy1305 promoted to level 5

Post by LostInMyMaps
Cross-posting this from Discord, where most of the congratulations and back-pats have occurred. It deserves to be spread far and wide however!

The @Local Champs are very pleased to announce the promotion of @GBSpeedy1305 (5) - Geoff to level 5. Geoff's commitment to the improvement of our community and map has been outstanding, and we all appreciate his selfless efforts. Please join us in congratulating, and thanking him, for his contributions.

Thanks for everything you do, Geoff :)
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Post by Adabadada
Congratulations, GBSpeedy1305, and thank you for your hard work 😊
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Post by paulkok_my
Congratulations GBSpeedy1305. 🎉😊
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Post by iamrioo
Congrat for the promotion mate!
Welcome to the club :) but indeed with great power, comes great responsibility! 

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Post by Guardian-SG
Congratulations Geoff!!! 🎉🎉🎉
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Post by McLarenMCL35M
Congratulations @GBSpeedy1305
Welcome to the gang!!

Hope you're enjoying the mentoring responsibilities as well since we become the first point of contact for all new editors!!
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Post by ci2212
Congrats GBSpeedy1305! Waze to go! 
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Post by deanonzl
Well done Geoff.
Your hard work & attention to detail is well known & respected.
Keep it up.
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Post by Ottolenga
Congrats GBSpeedy1305!!! 🎉🎉

It is very well deserved and thank you for all your efforts and contribution to the Waze Communities!  :)
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