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Farewell from Iainhouse

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I’ve made lots of long posts in the past. This is one of the worst I’ve ever had to make, but I hope it can, in some ways, be one of the best as well. I have so much to say, one post isn’t going to do it all.

To start it off, I have to start with the worst news possible. I am dying. I have terminal colon cancer which has spread extensively. As of my oncologist appointment last week, I have been told I have weeks to live. Maybe a month or two if extended with chemotherapy, but right now that would probably just end it quicker. There will never be a stage where it’s reduced enough that surgery would be even possible. There is no doubt.

This is horrible news for anyone. As you read this now, I know you’re all stunned. You are wondering what you can possibly say in the face of such news. That was me a couple of days ago, but the unbelievable support I’ve already received talking with the UK and Global Champs over the weekend have led me to realise that there is still positivity to be found.

So if you don’t know what to say, don’t feel trapped. How could anyone know what to say? Please believe me when I say that behind that barrier of shock, I know you care and I can feel your love without the need for you to find the words.

There’s the old story about being trapped in a train tunnel and seeing an oncoming light. Yes, it’s a freight train. But there’s another light behind me – a life well-lived about which I have no regrets. And around the edges of that oncoming train is the light of the other side of the tunnel. I may not walk out there, but it is a real future that will happen and on which, I hope, I will continue to have an effect beyond this one moment in time. 

I’ve never had a bucket list. Now I’m prompted to think about it, I have literally nothing to put on it. I may not have lived a great life or accomplished anything world-shaking, but I am happy with the life I have lived and have no regrets about how I’ve lived it. I’ve brought up some wonderful children and done some good for those around me. Even in this darkest of moments, I feel a pride in what I’ve accomplished and a hope that what I can give will last belong a physical moment that is coming.

A life is not simply a period of time between a birth and a death in isolation. It’s a story that begins before we’re conceived and lasts far past the date on a tombstone if people still remember you. If I can carry away one conceited fantasy, it’s a room full of Global Champs in Tel Aviv in 10 years’ time. Just for a moment, one of you catch a movement from the corner of your eye and think you just saw a glance of a strange bearded guy in a baseball cap and a Hawaiian shirt sitting quietly in a corner getting ready to cause some trouble! If that happens, I will still be there in that room.

An intermission for a brief word from our sponsor: Iain’s sick sense of humour

Things I don’t have to worry about any more:
•    Whilst UK consumers make idiots of themselves sucking dry petrol stations to hoard 1 litre of petrol in a water bottle in case they want to visit Aunt Betty at the weekend, the quarter-tank of fuel left in my tank will probably last me beyond my my future driving needs.
•    Whilst gas prices and Brexit means UK households will be facing massively increased heating bills next year, my last gas expenditure will be a crematorium in the next few weeks.
•    My CAT scan shows a wonderfully clean & unscarred pair of lungs despite 40 years of smoking. Guess I don’t need to give that up now.
•    After 10+ years of being divorced, I might finally be able to discover what it’s like not to talk to my ex-wife any more!
•    Those shelves of ridiculously overpriced, fancy tubs of luxury ice-cream are no longer a waste of money to be despised, but an interesting way to spend a few bucks whenever I feel like it.
•    That ridiculously over-hyped tub of orange-haired lard sitting next to the ice creams. I don’t have to sit through the next episode of Make Arseholes Great Again.



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Post by Inactive user -1637223185-
I'm still new here and learning each day, but to see a post like this tells me so much about the community, key word community.  It is clear that you have made a huge mark on others but they have likely done the same. Thank you for in your message sharing what it is to be part of this community.  Safe travels,  I wish you peace and tranquility on your journey.  
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Post by abc1357
My first introduction to you was the Fix UI script.  I immediately liked your dry tone as I, too, was frustrated with what I felt was some of the UI/UX failings of WME.  I thank you for speaking from the heart the issues you encountered, for without giving voice to our concerns, progress cannot be made.

Your contributions to this community is reflected by the many friends you've made, both met and unmet.  

Peace to you and your loved ones.
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Post by abusimbel16
Hello Iain,

we don't know each other. But your words touched me deeply.
I've also been working as a Waze editor for a long time. I think it was also in 2012 or 2013 when I found the app in the Playstore and thought "What a botch".
It will never be something that can be used as a navigation app. I gave up and then started again a few years later.
Now I think it's the best navigation app out there.
And it's all thanks to people like you. People who haven't given up and just kept going. I take my hat off to you.
Especially because you are so open about your illness.
I wish you all the best on your way and hope that there will be a "turn around" instruction, even if it is hopeless according to your words.
I pray for you my friend Even if we don't know each other.
That's what makes a community.

And that's a Google translation, because I don't trust myself to write that in my "school-English" .
So if there is any grammatical inconsistency, blame Google.

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Post by adriansinger
Dear Iain,

These are devastating news.

Having said that, I must agree with Irad that you have made a huge impact on other people's life, and your mark will still be there every day when a driver opens up Waze to get to their destination.

Thank you so much for your inspiring leadership and may your last trip be filled with love and peace.

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Adrián Singer
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Post by adsteam--nelsonrr
hi Iain,

i've just read this post after it was shared in an internal chat here at Waze. it's clear the impact you've had on Waze, the community, and our very own Wazers/Googlers. while this is very sad to hear, your posts are an incredible reminder of the impact this team has on driving and our local communities. i wish for you some peace and enjoyment during this time and know that you have made an incredible mark near and far. much love. 

-Nelson R.R.
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Post by asterix06
Iain Thanks.

I can tell you I will feel honoured to continue the fantastic job you did for this great Waze Community ..and per sure we'll continue to keep the Staff Communication grow forever .

Thanks Thanks thanks 

All the bestSilvio 
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Post by BellVillense
"Well... I'm not one of the team members who has had the chance to interact with him the most... not sure my words would add anything other than what's been already told". This explains (but doesn't justify) why it's taken me so long to answer, but now I know it should have. 

Iain I want to thank you for just being yourself and true to yourself. Your words and the ones of everyone in this thread have deeply moved me. 
I want to thank you as well for all those "slaps in the face", to make us face reality and pushing us to improve constantly.  

I think we are so privileged to have the chance to work with such an amazing group of people like yourself. Sometimes within the crazy pace of work, the bugs, deadlines it's hard to remember and appreciate it. But you are all there, you are all out there and your contribution just goes beyond words. 

While working on the forum revamp I remember thinking to myself: but how can he not like it!? it looks so clean, so modern :D. Now I understand I was missing something. I really love your curiosity and passion to help others and how you explained it by the "New Posts" being your most favorite section.  
I just want to say that it's been a pleasure, we cannot thank you enough. 

With love, Mauro
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Post by BeriBum
Thank you Iain for everything you did for Waze!
Hey Iain,

I was very sorry to hear about your illness and I want to personally send you my wishes and my positive thoughts. 

After meeting you at many meetups abroad and in Israel, I know you as a person who deeply values community and making the world a better place. You are well known for your wonderful contributions to Waze; your scripts for map editors, and your honest and impactful forum posts. Thank you for your great contribution and for being a true leader, helping community members all over the world.

Please reach out if there is anything we can do to help you on the road ahead. While I know it won't be easy, please know that you have Waze and Wazers there with you each step of the way. 

 All the best,Gai
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Post by Caart
May the roads of heaven be open for you, and that there is a Waze to guide you through it.
We didn't know each other, but we were part of the same family of editors, and you'll be remembered.
Farewell  :cry:
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Post by chriso1001
Hello again, Waze Community,

I thought I post this message across both relevant threads.

Iain's family have asked me to post a couple of links here that they wanted to share with you, they have been overwhelmed with all the kind words on here from many users.

The first is a tribute page where you will see some lovely and interesting photos, and some thoughts from friends and family.
Please feel free to contribute if you want to: Iain House Tribute Page

The second is a webcast of Iain's funeral service, it is available to view until the 15th December.
The first piece of information you will need is: quro3154 and the second is: 448256
Even if you don't watch it all, you will see the floral tribute to his Waze days on the coffin at the start.

It was amazing to meet Iain's family and friends, it added a whole other human dimension to the person I had worked with, and as happens so many times at funerals I regret not being able to talk to him about them now.

For my own small tribute, I felt that the least I could do was at least one map edit. I've done that and have spotted more that I could do, and that brings questions. If only I had a Waze Global Champ on hand to least I know there's a whole community out there now.

To paraphrase Dr Seuss, I did have a little cry over Iain when it happened, but I have so many thoughts about him that now make me smile.

Please feel free to amplify this message across the other Waze forums.

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