Post by PesachZ
I'm so very truly sorry to hear this Iainhouse, yet grateful that you've been able to stay positive and share with us in a productive perspective. I can only wish and pray for you to have a full recovery, and for the continued strength and courage to handle all that comes your way. May you know no further pain, and be with us for many years to come.I often tell people your personal life must always come first, but the truth is to many of use this Community has inextricably become a part of our personal lives.
Life is short and precious, no one could understand this more than someone looking at a defined end so near. It hurts me just to imagine this, I can never say i really understand. Many people never see the end coming and have no time to set their affairs in order. We are all so humbled and appreciative that you've chosen to take of the limited time you have now amongst all the important tasks, and what I'm sure is an ever growing last minute to-do list to share some of it with us.
Your legacy will continue for many years to come, your contributions a part of the fabric of what Waze will become.
We will carry your torch
Be well our friend, and thank you.
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Post by RichardPyne
There is little more that I can say beyond Thank You. Your contributions to Waze and the Waze community have made life better and easier for all of us.

I can hope and pray for your recovery, and do so in earnest. Even more, may you have comfort and be spared from pain.
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Post by NJMedic2535
You, sir, have indeed led a great life. 
I only regret that I've never met you in person - your writing assures me I'd be a better person for having spent a little time in your presence.

I will henceforth look at your Waze FixUI scripts as ... "Waze [says] FU [cancer]!"
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Post by robindlc
Hi Iain,

As one of those who do not have the English as the first langue, I do thank you very much for perfectly expressing our thoughts.

For mi, after so many years, Waze is like a big family. I feel really honored to be part of this family with you.

Hawaiian shirt for meetups? Not bad idea.
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Post by Rickendude
Iain, I wrote you personally but I wish this to be here too.

Iain (or, as I thought for a long time: Lain (what a weird name for a bloke)).

I remember one of the first times I saw you, it was during the early calls on Falcon (so post covid, on a Google meet call), you were shaking your head in disbelief (as in: no no, WTF) to something I said and after I finished you actually grinned.

I think that this, at least to me, summed you as a person: Passionate, extremely caring about what he does and about the effects of his actions yet still listens and doesn't get locked on a specific point and willing to open his mind to the right ideas.
JuBRA was born that day, you made me understand how important it is to have this fine control over roundabouts.

Ever since that time I knew that I can rely on honest and fair feedback from you on anything I floated to our community.

It's been only a day since Hila told me about your condition, this is really heartbreaking.
You will be sorely missed, both as a community member and more importantly - as a fellow human being.

Nothing I can say can help. I know, not many of us can leave this earth knowing they made an impact on so many people. You surely did.
I am sure you'll continue rocking, up there in the sky.

Your friend.
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Post by Onmywaysir
You will be missed. All of your contributions remembered. Thank you for your help with Waze!

I had a godfather that died suddenly from the same illness. Someone who was full of energy and left a hole in my heart.

I work as a radiation therapist in USA. Many years ago we used to treat colon cancer with surgery, radiation and Chemo. But treatments for colon cancer has evolved and they realized that it was better treated with surgery and Chemo combo, if that is an option.

I wish you farewell and godspeed.

You will be missed on many levels. I tip my hat to you sir.

PS My wife likes your sense of humor or is it humour. I like it too :lol:
PSS topshelf moonshine to you. 
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8-) :lol:

Post by Rupes79

I joined the Waze org just 16 months ago. Since onboarding as Country Manager, I have been working from home and am still yet to have in person contact with many, many of the people I have interacted with.

The power of "community".

Our Map Editor community is something to behold all over the world and exists DESPITE not always meeting in person. Iain, this is in no small part to the role you have played during these last ten years.
Touching many through your honesty, conviction and contribution and willingness to volunteer.

I wish you the best and will continue thinking of you and your family.
On behalf of ALL at Waze.

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Post by phuz

I'm very sorry to hear about your diagnosis.  We've only been chatting for less than a year and sadly, it's been mostly about FU.  Seeing your sense of humor, I wish we would've chatted more.  I have to agree with Greg that FU will take on a whole new meaning this point forward.  You've certainly had an incredible impact on the Waze community and will be remembered for a very long time.  I will miss your posts whenever a WME update breaks something.  Thank you for everything you've done.  I'll be praying for you.
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Post by Nomenclator1677
Hi Iain,

It was nice to know you. I can't say anything but say hello to my last son if you see him in your next peregrinations.

And don't forget to follow the route Waze will give you.

I'm very grateful to have known you
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Post by ran-davidovitz

Your post made few tears in my eyes, and as I continue to read and hear the community talks about you (in the forum and outside) it brought smile to my face to see such warm feeling of amazing community toward you.

You should be be proud as i am sure you are with your impact and example you set to all

With love and a lot of respect (which i have no word to describe), 

Ran Davidovitz
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