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Dear Iain,

I've already expressed my thoughts as I was discovering the horrible news the other day in the GC channel. Today I want to thank you for being there for others beyond UK borders anytime you had the opportunity.

I remember my first ever Waze meetup in London, I didn't know anyone and spoke to few people initially. We eventually sat at the same table and when I mentioned an issue with roundabouts, you immediately took a napkin and started drawing solutions on it and giving me advice at the table. I could quickly see how passionate you were with sharing your knowledge and helping fellow editors who shared your interests, regardless of role or level.
As you yourself pointed out, this has particularly shone on the forum, where you participated in many different sub sections and were also protective of the community, using your GC rights to assist with moderation when spammers were trying to sneak their malicious links around our discussions. A lot of the time thanks to you we were always quick to stop their activities before they could have any impact. I'll always think of you whenever that happens now: Would Iain have dealt with them faster?

As Waze has this funny way of giving us roles, on behalf of the swiss editing community, thank you for your help and advice over the years. On behalf of the WME beta community, thank you for your enormous contribution to making WME what it is today with your attention to details when providing feedback and improving it with your own scripting skills.

Finally I hope again that you may cherish as many peaceful times as possible with your family and loved ones, and even if you say there is no doubt, for as long as possible, all the while enjoying your favorite smokes, knowing that you can :)
Thanks for the rants, the laughs, the talks, advice and every single contribution that you made, always constructively, and that you leave us as a legacy.

You won't be forgotten and be deeply missed,

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What a terrible news. I heard that the reason of cancer might be the way of life - so a man should change his way of life and find someone to love and pray for him, and keep the faith. Until one breaths there is a hope. Don't believe the doctors, believe in how you fell. I know cases where people were told that they will die but they are still alive. I am so sad that this happens to people and medicine is still helpless. My beloved father passed away at the beginning of this year and I still can't cope with this immersive loss because he was my true friend and support in life.
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Post by Vespucci41
Hi Iain, 

Those are truly heart breaking news.

I would like to personally thank you for you huge contribution to Waze,
Over the time you have succeeded to have an incredible impact and inspire change through leadership.

Sometimes we forget how lucky and privileged we are  to work, on a daily basis, with community members like you.
The Waze family is and will be always here for you, may your journey be filled with love and peace.   
Thank you, 

Ps: I will make sure the team will save as much as possible real estate and clicks in WME.  :D
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Post by wxw777
Thank you Iain for all you've done and your wonderfully thoughtful posts. Your legacy within Waze will clearly endure.
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Post by WonderLerm

Few people have your ability to write with grace under pressure as you have so honestly in your post. This is no surprise, of course. In my many years at Waze I have always looked forward to seeing you at meetups and reading your posts in the forum. Your integrity and intention always created an undercurrent of trust that solidified your place as a leader in this community - and, of course, your smile, laughter and humor which brings joy to so many. 

While my dance may not be as graceful as yours, I wish to say a simple and heart-felt Thank You. Thank you for your passion and kindness, even-handedness and courage. We don't get to meet many people in this life who truly do for others as they would want done for themselves. People who get that community is built on honesty, who get that communication is a two way (multi-lane) highway that gets messy at times but eventually finds a flow. Thank you for your patience and for the friendship you have provided to so many. Thank you for being exactly who you are. 

 In the time ahead I wish you sweetness and laughter, may you find time to do the things you love and continue to be the shining light that we know you to be.

Sending love and light, 
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Post by xtalya
Hey Iain,
Reading your post was heartbreaking, you are in our thoughts and in our words and our hearts since getting this message last week. 

Your contribution to the waze community and the product is priceless and I hope you know that even though we had our arguments :), I always think so highly of you and your deep knowledge and expertise.

Your dedication is inspirational - to have so much passion and drive to work towards what you believe in. 

I hope that you spend your time with loved ones and have good days in whatever you decide to do. 

You have so much courage to confront life and its end, and I admire you for that. 

With my warmest regards, 
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Post by vince1612
For anyone following this thread, see this post (also quoted below): viewtopic.php?f=262&p=2191621
chriso1001 wrote:RIP Iainhouse
Hello to you all in the Waze community.

It is with a very heavy heart that I have to tell you that Iain House (Iainhouse) passed away last Thursday night with his family around him.
After finding and reading his final post on here I thought the least I could do was pass this sad news on to the community which meant so much to him.

I was a colleague of Iain's for six years in his day job, he had a vast amount technical knowledge and was always willing to use it to help and teach others, as well as keeping us honest with his direct words. The whole team at the office is going to miss him. It would seem that this was also the case on here, judging by the replies to his post.
Aside from Waze, he liked watching cricket, NFL and had a fondness for burgers. 

I don't think I've ever met a more genuine human being in my entire life, the world is indeed a poorer place without him, and unfortunately I will never get to find out his views on Windows 11, there would have been many I'm sure.

R.I.P. Iainhouse - October 21st 2021  :cry:
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