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"Regency Estates" Community located in Palm Desert, California

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The current "WAZE" directions to our Community "REGENCY ESTATES" Located in Palm Desert, california 92211 directs all 'GPS' to enter our community through it's PRIVATE secondary Back Gate "Exi/Enter" located on REGENCY WAY which in "ONLY" used for its home owners and not for an VISITORS (NO CALL DIRECTORY OR KEY PAD FOR VISITOR APPROVAL TO ENTER) THIS is locate at this gate.

"REGENCY ESTATES'  main Entrance Gate is located on 'TUDOR LANE" with the cross street of "Tamarisk Row Dr"

This Main Gate Entrance has the proper Visitor Entrance Lane with a Residence Call Directory for Visitors & Trade personnel to call for Authorization to enter Regency Estates with the Home Owner able to open the Main Gate through their telephone access

thank you Waze

Post by Lyndastonecool
Yes but alot of. visitors do not know about the back gate.   So They  use the front gate.    

sorry for posting 5 times. Dont know the system. was trying to figure it out. Sorry really sorry 

Post by Lyndastonecool
Thank you for just being on top of everything you guys are the best.  

Just fyi. If a visitor comes thru the main gate they don’t know about the back gate.   So they leave via the way they came in which is the correct gate. On Tudor 

and again  sorry for doing the message 5 times 

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Thanks. Yes. We got that on entering the gated community.

I'm asking about leaving the gated community once you are inside. Do you need a clicker to leave via the 2 gates on Regency Way (which means only residents can leave that way), or do you just drive up and the gate opens for you to leave (which means anyone can leave using those gates).
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